Happy 50th Anniversary 2016 !!!

To the Golden Jubilee Couple

Rajeswarrao & Annapurna Kasarabada

Greetings from Kasarabada.org !!!

Lots of Best Wishes and Blessings of the Almighty

Bushels of Love and Laughter from all kith & kin

From all of us @ Kasarabada.org

Dear Rajeaswarrao

Happy Golden Jubilee Marriage Anniversary:

It is indeed great to celebrate such event . You are also a role model for the next generation couples most of whom are short on patience and wisdom !

When I visited Vizag last December I was quite amazed and delighted to see the "kasarabada Rajeaswarrao Nilayam" with four floors for the four sons. The amazement was more for the thought behind that building and I am sure it is all yours ( and vodina's). In my mind you will always be an ideal couple. So on this occasion శత సహస్ర కోటి శుభాకాంక్షలు from all of us here.

When ever I meet Chitti here I am always reminded of you in all respects. And the respect he shows for old people tells me that much more about both of you !! congratulations again.

with best wishes regards and Namaskarams.

Babi & Renu
( from Bangalore now in Los Altos, California) &
Vicky Tanmai Rahul & Rhea
Dimpy and Bhakti

PS - I came to know about this event from Lakshmi. Probably you are in Singapore now ( this is through another message from Chitti !) . I was enquiring about your arrival here and only then I understood that you have changed your plans . I am sure you will eventually come here and we will meet here because the airlines people will not allow a Business class traveller to rest easily ( they would want them to rest only in their Business class !!)







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