Sundara kanda:

Chapter 7!

Hanuman sees Pushpaka Vimana

... But cannot find Sita!

Chapter Summary : As he continues his search Hunuman sees the Arial car of Ravan. It is called Pushpaka. Hunuman was wonderstruck with its beauty and construction. Then he continues his search but he still does not find Sita, the consort of Sri Rama.


"The palaces were inlaid with gold and gems known as cat's eye, and were full of flocks of birds. The palace looked like dark clouds pierced by lightning in the rainy season."


Chapter 7

Within the palace of Ravana Hanuman saw a collection of buildings, which were shining brightly with gold. The gold was inlaid with gems called ‘cats –eyes'. The buildings were full of flocks of birds and the building looked like the huge mass of clouds pierced by lightning.

Hanuman also observed the several spacious halls forming part of the palace complex. There were halls stored with excellent conches, bows and other arms. There were beautiful and spacious halls. There were halls captivating the beauty of shining moon.

Hanuman saw mansions enriched with treasures of various kinds, treasures which won the admiration of Gods, treasures that have no flaws of any kind, treasures which have been won by Ravana by his own might.

Those mansions looked as though Maya, the magical architect himself, made them. The mansions Hanuman saw were the most beautiful ones on the earth.

Then he saw an Arial car which is as big as a cloud, spacious and of incomparable loveliness looking as though made of Gold, fit for the leader of Rakshasas.

He saw the Arial car, which looked like heaven on earth, decked with numerous precious stones. Covered with flowers from variety of plants it looked like a mountain peak.

Decked with numerous precious stones and looking like a beautiful cloud endowed with many hues, it looked like the Arial car of the Brahma and other celestial bodies pulled by the swans.

That special Arial car decked with many types of gems looked like the sky illuminated by moon and other planets, It looked like a mountain peak decked with variety of ingredients, it looked like a cloud endowed with many hues.

The Arial car was decorated with paintings of earth. On the painting of earth there were rows of mountains, on the mountains there were groves of trees, on the trees there were bunches of flowers, and flowers were detailed with petals and buds.

The houses painted on the Arial car were brightly lit, the lakes painted included flowers of different colors, the lotuses included were made with bright petals. The painted water groves were fantastic.

Hanuman saw that aerial car named Pushpaka spreading bright light of gems in all directions and looking as though it is actually flying and looked like the best among all such Arial cars,

The Arial car had variety of birds etched on silver with variety of gems and pearls; it also had serpents sketched with gems and also well-bred horses anointed with powerful limbs.

Birds of charming beaks and lovely wings were carved, the wings so carved carried flowers made of corals and sterling gold, the wings were so slanted playfully making them look like aides of Cupid himself.

In a lotus pool within the Arial car could be seen artificial elephants with shapely trunks covered with filaments of Lotuses engaged in offering worship to Goddess Lakshmi. An image of Goddess Lakshmi was also fashioned with four graceful hands holding a lotus in her hands.

Looking at that Arial car Pushpaka as big as a mountain with lovely caves and further looking like tree with charming trunks Hanuman was wonder struck and he again entered the Arial car filled with fragrances of the spring time

There after Hanuman moved around that city of Lanka which gained the appreciation of all which does that Rakshasa with ten faces rule. Even then Hanuman could not find the most respected Sita, the daughter of Janaka. He could not find the Sita who was won over by the Virtues of Srirama.

That venerable Hanuman who contemplated on the self in many ways, and who has disciplined his self and followed the right path became distressed, not having found Sita, the daughter of King Janaka .

thus ends

Sundarakanda Chapter 7

Om tat Sat

"That venerable Hanuman who contemplated on the self in many ways, and who has disciplined his self and followed the right path, became distressed not having found Sita, the daughter of King Janaka ."