Sundarakanda Chapter 42

Hanuman 's Roar

Chapter 42: Summary :

The destruction of part of Ashokvan is conveyed to Ravan by the terrified Rakshasa Women. Immediately Ravana dispatches Rakshasa warriors by name Kimkaras. Hanuman kills all of them immediately. He lets go a victory roar reciting the famous Jayamantram ! After hearing about the death of Kimkaras Ravan sends the son of Prahasta with orders to capture Hanuman.

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Then hearing the noises made by the frightened birds , and the noises of the trees uprooted and thus broken, the citizens of Lanka were scared and amazed

Seeing that Hanuman with huge form equaling a mountain the Rakshasa women asked the daughter of King Janaka. " Who is this , where did he come from ? why did he come here ? Why did he speak to you ? . Oh Devi do tell us without fear. Nothing will happen to you. Tell us what he spoke to you". Then the virtuous Sita spoke . " How do I know about Rakshasas who can take any form?"

Then some of the Rakshasa women went to King Ravana to inform about the fearsome Vanara." O king in the middle of the Ashoka grove , there is a fearsome Vanara who spoke to Sita. He is very powerful. He destroyed the grove which is dearest to you and which is full of all sorts of animals ."

Hearing the words of the Rakshasa women , becoming extremely angry the powerful Ravana then ordered the Kimkaras to capture Hanuman.

The Hanuman too radiating power , straightened his tail and thumped the earth making loud sound . Then Hanuman grew bigger and made a powerful sound which reverberated around Lanka. Due to be vibration generated by the sound the birds flying around fell down in fear .The Hanuman let go the roar of victory in the following words

Victory to Rama the great warrior, Victory to Lakshmana the powerful one. Victory to King Sugriva who is a follower of Sri Rama. I am the servant of SriRama who scan resolve most complex situations. My name is Hanuman the destroyer of enemies and the son of Vayu. Not even thousand Ravanas cannot equal me in battle. Having conquered city of Lanka and paying my respects the princess of Mithila having accomplished my task I will be going back".

Hearing the roaring words of Hanuman , and seeing Hanuman looking like the dark cloud in the twilight the Kimkaras were fearful. They surrounded Hanuman who took a iron rod from the main arch of the grove. Then having killed all of them Hanuman climbed up the arch ready to do battle with more of them

Very much angered on hearing that the powerful Rakshasas were killed in the battle , Ravana ordered the valorous son of Prahasta who was never defeated in a battle to battle Hanuman