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Scholarships for Sanskrit Students in the name of

SriBhashyam Appalaacaaryulu Gaaru added


It is a pleasure to detail the activities of the Athato Foundation, a Kasarabada Trust, starting with the new additions in 2021-22.

1 Athato Foundation initiated three more scholarships to be awarded to students of Sanskrit, in honor of SriBhashyam Appalaacaaryulu garu, in the three year degree program at PR Govt college Kakinada (AP). SriBhashyam Appalaacaaryulu Garu was the Sanskrit lecturer at PR Govt college during 1959-62 when we were students of that college.These three scholarships are for the students who opetd for Sanskrit as the second language in the three year degree program. The college disbursed the scholarships to three Sanskrit Studenst in teh three years of teh degree program.We are grateful to teh college management for their cooperation.

2 Athato Foundation continued the Kasarabada Scholars program at the PR Govt College , Kakinada, AP , by providing Kasarabada Scholarships to three undersgraduate students in the three year BSc degree program, and two PG students in the MSc ( Physics). The two PG scholarships were awarded in teh name of Pandit Elchuri Vijayraghavrao

3 Athato Foundation also supported Two awards of Rs 5000/ each under Kasarabada Kamaraju Research awards (KKRA) . The two awards were for the Best project in Computers department and Electronics department.

4 The total student scholarships at PR Govt college Kakinada stands at seven and research awards under KKRA is two

5 Athato Foundation instituted the Kasarabada Scholars program at the Hindu College Guntur, AP , in 2019-20 which supports three scholarships carrying award of Rs750 per month to each student in the three year BSc degree program at the college. Theses scholarships continued at Hindu college Gunture in 2021-22.

6 At Guntur the Kasarabada Trust earlier instituted two awards for Best Student in the name of Kasarabada Gopala Krishna garu and the Best Teacher award in the name of Padmashri Pandit Vijay Raghav Rao garu.They contbiue on annual basis.

7 Athato Foundation is continued the Kasarabada Scholar program at Gayathri Vidya Parishad College of Engineering for four students in 2021-22. The Kasarabada Scholar receives Rs.2000/per month for the nine months of the academic calendar amounting to Rs 18000/.

8 Arthato Foundation also instituted two Reaserch awards of Rs 10000/ each under KKRA ( Kasarabada Kamaraju Research awards Scheme in 2021-22. These were successfully implemented.

9 Athato Foundation also instituted an award of Rs 5000/ for the Best student in Gayatri Vidya Paraishad College of Engineering for women. The award amount has been increased Rs 7500 for 2021-22.

Thus a total of 15 Scholars are supported by the Athato Foundation. Foundation also supported four resaerch awards under KKRA Program as welll as a Best student award. In addition Foundation supported two awards the MGH School, Guntur.

All the above programs are slated to be continued during the academic year 2022-23

As can be seen the Trust itself has been the beneficiary of the genorsity of the patrons. The support thus received goes a long way towards establishing the long term stability of the Trust activities through Athato Foundation









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