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Athato Foundation , a Kasarabada Trust continues to focus on Education

1 This year with the academic year in full swing Athato foundation is pleased to announce the Kasarabada Scholars for 2017- 18. They are students studying in Gayathri Vidya Parishad College of Engineering , in Visakhapatnam, AP, India. The GVP College of Engineering took active interest in promoting the scholarships

- Koppu Krishna Teja , 1st year BE

- Kakumanu N S M Sitaram , 2nd Year BE

- Putchakayala Pavani , 3rd year BE

- K Praveen Raja , 4th year BE


These were also the Kasarabada Scholars in 2016-17. The selection of the fourth scholar of the 1st year BE student is due. All the Kasarabada Scholars receive a monthly scholarship of Rs 2000/ through the academic year of nine months. The amounts are disbursed through the college on a monthly basis. This year the scholars were supported by Dr. Chundi Satyanarayana & Dr. Chundi Subbalakshmi of Bangalore who donated Rs 36000/ towards the corpus of the Foundation . The Athato Foundation is grateful for the support. This goes a long way towards stabilizing the long term support system.

2 The Majeti Guravaiah High school 2017 Best Teacher and Best student awards went to

- Mr. Banavath Venkatesh as the Best student. (The Best student award was instituted in the name of Late Shri Kasarabada Gopalakrishna of Guntur)

- Mr. Y Viswesvara Rao as the Best teacher. ( The Best teacher award was instituted in the name of Pandit Vijayraghavrao of Bombay

The award amount was Rs 2,330 for each.

3 The foundation supported two Govt. upper primary schools in KR Puram , Bangalore with Books worth Rs 6000.

Details of the school and their activities are provided on the links. Interested people can directly support the schools with the address provided . "kasarabada.org" will be pleased to provide any help.

Those interested in supporting this effort may please contact "info@kasarabada.org"









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