Srimad Valmiki Ramayanam

Balakanda !

Introduction to Balakanda !!

With Sanskrit text in Telugu , Kannada and Devanagari,

Balakanda !!

Balakanda is the first Kanda in Ramayana.

The very first chapter with its hundred slokas is considered as " Sankshipta Ramayan" , since Narada tells the full story of Rama from Birth to to the Pattabhisheka Ghatta! Then in the second chapter we have the momentous outpouring of Valmiki's sorrow in the form of a Sloka, which Brahma confirms as his wish that Ramayana be composed in that meter. Then in the chapter we have Ramayana being revealed to Valmiki in its entirety. Valmiki teaches this Lava and Kusa who sing this beautiful song in the court of Rama!! that is how in the first four chapters Ramayan is introduced by Valmiki.

The Balakanda, beginning with story of Kings of Ayodhya and then the birth of Srirama, effectively ends with Sitaraama kalyanam. The last chapter of Balakanda is that of Parasurama relinquishing his Avatara signifying Rama as the Vishnu Avatara.

Balakanda is replete with many stories told by Viswamitra to young Rama and Lakshmana. There is also the story of Viswamitra himself . It is story of conquering one's ego or discovering the self. Only after conquering his ego Viswamitra could become Brahmarshi ! In many families Balakanda is read for the success of children !

Balakanda is part of our ambition to enrich our website with as much Ramayana content as we can with our resources.

Added to the above is our ambition is to keep the Sanskrit slokas in as many languages as possible . In this endeavour Balakanda slokas in Sanskrit are made available in Kannada , Telugu and Devanagari scripts.

We have already added Sundarakanda with sixty eight Sargas , over a sixty eight week period. That was a virtual Sundarakanda Yaga for us.

The current Balakanda too went through a similar Yaga over Seventy seven weeks.

The important add on pages emerging out of Balakanda are

Sankshipta Ramayanam

Birth of Sri Rama !

Sri Sita Rama kalynam

All the three pages detail a little more about the same.

As with every effort on this site , the starting of Balakanda is an event that happened by chance . Once started it went through on its steam, with the blessing of the almighty !

|| om tat sat ||