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Bhagavatam page hosts all stories from Bhagavatam brought out by !! Over the last three years the number of stories added resulted in two special pages for

- Dasama Skandha

- Uddhava gita

For many people Dasama Skandha is the heart of Bhagavatam . If you hear any exposition of Bhagavata katha Dasama Skandha delineating the birth and growth of Krishna takes the major attention, apart from the beginning of the Bhagavata katha which embraces Skandha one ! . Suka Mahamuni too elaborated on the importance of Dasama Skandha by saying that the story of the son of Vasudeva benefits all the three, the speaker , the listener and the one asking the questions about Lord Krishna. With so much stated about Dasama Skandha our attention too rested on Dasama Skandha .

Thus Dasama Skandha became our first major effort under Bhagavatam , very much like Sundarakanda under our Ramayanam page.

We are delighted to bring complete Dasama Skandha on one page !! Dasama Skandha page also lists all the links of all the stories and all the chapters .

A summary of Dasama Skandha with links to all chapters is also made available separately. This is also available on the Dasama Skandha page .

The second special page created is for Uddhava Gita. This Uddhava Gita page is still continuing the build up. Currently we are at the 10th Chapter of Uddhava Gita .

Related articles on Bhagavatam and various stotras are also listed on this Bhagavatam page separately under the heading of links for other stories.

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