Srimad Valmiki Ramayanam

Balakanda Sarga 45

Sagara manthan!

विश्वामित्रः वचश्रुत्वा राघवः सह लक्ष्मणः ।
विस्मयं परमं गत्वा विश्वामित्रं अथाब्रवीत् ॥

Hearing those words of sage Viswamitra Rama who is along with Lakshmana, spoke to him with a great surprise.

Fortyfifth Sarga

Hearing those words of sage Viswamitra, Rama who is along with Lakshmana, spoke to him with a great surprise.' Oh Brahman! The arrival of Ganga on the earth and filling of the ocean elaborated by you are amazing and wonderful'

While thinking and reminiscing about the auspicious stories narrated by Viswamitra with Lakshmana the night passed. There after having completed the morning rituals in the peaceful time of daybreak , Rama the terror of enemies said the following to the venerable sage.

' Oh Venerable Sage ! We heard that auspicious story that should be heard. The auspicious night has passed. While reminiscing about the story the night time passed off in a moment. Now we have to cross Tripatha , the best amongst all rivers. The comfortable boat of the venerable sages is here. Knowing your presence here it came quickly'. The venerable sage hearing those words of Raghava crossed the river along with all the Rishis and Raghava. After reaching the northern shores and having worshipped the Rishis they saw the cty of Visala on the banks of Ganga. Then the venerable sage along with Raghava went to that beautiful, auspicious city of Visala which is equal to the heavens.Then the very intelligent Rama paying obeisance to the venerable sage asked him about the city of Visala.

' Oh Venerble sage ! What is the dynasty that ruled the city of Visala. I am very much curious . May you live long'. Hearing those words of Rama, the venerable sage started to tell the ancient story of the city of Visala. 'Oh Rama I will tell you the auspicious story of Indra , as well as the happennings in this country. O Raghava please listen'.

Viswamitra continued

' Oh Rama ! in the Krita yuga the sons of Diti were very powerful. The sons of Aditi too were illustrious heroes and followers of Dharma. Oh Best of men ! Then a thought occurred to them about becoming immortal, with no disceases and no old age .Then it occurred to them that they could churn the milky ocean and obtain its juices and consume the same.The very powerful Devas having decided then used the Mount Mandara as the churning rod and the great serpent Vasuki as the churning rope and started churning. After a thousand years , Vasuki deployed as churning rope , started to spew poison and started biting the rocks with her teeth. From that poison Haalaahal fire emerged. That fire burnt down the worlds inhabited by Devas Asuras and the mankind'.

'Then all Devas wanting to be protected approched Rudra the Lord of of all Devaswho is also called Mahadeva or Pasupati` They prayed saying "protect us" "protect us". Having been thus prayed to the Lord of all Devas, Sankara came there. The Mahavishnu wearing his conch and the disc also came there. Then Srihari with a smile told Rudra carrying his spear the following. " O best of Suras ! You are the first one amomg Suras. Hence the first offerings coming out of the churning of the milky ocean should be given to you !".Having said this that best of Suras Mahavishnu disappeared

Siva too having heard the words of Mahavishnu and noticing the fear among the Devas took the poison . Then Sankara the Lord of Suras too disappeared. Oh Raghunandana ! O Anagha ! Then the Devas and Asuras continued churning the ocean as before. Then the the mountain being used as the churning rod sank into Patala. Then the Devas along with Gandharvas sang a song of praises to Madhusudan saying " for all the living beings you are the source , particularly for Devas.O Mahabaho ! You are capable of bringing up the mountain " Then Hrishikesa, the Lord took the form of Tortoise. Then that Srihari as Tortoise carried the mountain on his back and rested in the milky ocean. Then Purushottam , the Lord, rotating the mountain with his hand started churning the ocean staying among the Devas.

'After one thousand years ( of churning ) , a great soul by name Dhanvamtari carrying a staff and kamandalu emerged first , then beautiful Apsarasas emerged from it. Oh Best of men ! Because they emerged out of the "Ras" of the churning of "Apsu", they are called "Apsaras". Oh Kakutstha ! Thus six crore Apsarasa emerged along with them many more attendants too emerged. The Devas and Danavas did not accept them . Since they were not accepted they remained to be remembered as common'.

'Oh Raghunandana! Then the daughter of Vauruna by name Varuni came out insearch of one who will receive her. Oh Rama ! Oh Vira ! the duaghter of Varuna was not received by Diti's sons . The blemishless lady was accepted by Aditi's sons. Hence the sons of Diti were called "Asuras" , the ones without Sura. Aditi's sons were called "Sura", the ones with "Sura". Having accepted Varuni Suras were delighted and happy. Oh Best among men! The best of horses by name Ucchisravas, and the best among jewels Kausthubham too emerged out of the churning. Similarly the auspicious nectar too emerged'.

'Oh Rama ! Once the nectar emerged there was a great war. The sons of Aditi killed sons of Diti. Oh Vira ! All the Asuras were on one side along with Rakshasas, in the war whose intensity surprised all. As all were getting decimated , the most powerful MahaVishnu in the garb of a Mohini took away the nectar. That Purushottm who cannot be destroyed was opposed by some. They were killed by Vishnu. Oh Vira ! In that severe battle of Aditi and Diti's cildren, Aditi's children defeated Ditis children. Purandara ( Indra) defeated Diti's children and gained the kingdom . He ruled over all the worlds using Rishis and Charanas'.

|| Thus ends the forty fifth sarga of Balakanda in Srimad valmiki Ramayan |

|| Om tat sat ||

निहत्यदितपुत्त्रांश्च राज्यंप्राप्य पुरंदरः ।
शशास मुदितो लोकान् सर्षि संघान् स चारणान् ॥

'Purandara ( Indra) defeated Diti's children and gained the kingdom . He ruled over all the worlds using Rishis and Charanas'.

|| om tat sat ||