Srimad Valmiki Ramayanam

Balakanda Sarga 59

Story of Trisanku - 2 !!

|| om tat sat ||

उक्त वाक्यं तु राजानं कृपया कुशिकात्मज ।
अब्रवीन्मधुरं वाक्यं साक्षात् चंडालरूपिणम् ॥

'Hearing those words of the king in chandala form, he spoke sweet words with compassion'.

Fifty ninth Sarga

Satananda continued the story of Viswamitra.

'Hearing those words of the king in chandala form, Viswamitra spoke sweetly and with compassion. "Oh Ikshwaka ! Dear Son ! Welcome. Do not be afraid. I know your righteousness. I am giving you protection. Oh Rajan ! I am inviting people who have done many good deeds to help in the sacrifice. You may do the sacrifice without a worry.
You will go to heaven along with your body though the body may be in the form of a chandala because of your masters curse. You have sought protection from a Kausika who can give such protection. I believe that attaining heaven is already at hand".

Then the highly radiant one having said as above directed his experienced and righteous sons to get all the requirements for a sacrifice. Then he called all his disciples and told them as follows. " Dear ones bring all the legions of Rishis along with their friends , Ritvijas and all the knowledgeable ones as my order. If anyone does not follow my request and tells otherwise please tell me that also."

Following his words the disciples went out in all directions . Then Brahmavadis from all over the country came. Then the disciples came back and told that sage who is glowing like fire all that was said by the Brahmavadis.

" Following your words the Brahmins from all the countries are coming except for 'Mahodaya'. Oh Best of sages ! We will tell you what the hundred sons of Vasishta told with anger in their eyes. Please hear. 'The sacrifice of a chandala is being conducted by a Kshatriya . In that ceremony how will Devas and Brahmans take their food ? Directed by Viswamitra and partaking in the meals even Brahmans or great ones cannot reach the heaven'. Oh Best of sages ! the Mahodaya and the sons of Vasishta spoke these words of disrespect with anger and eyes reddened with blood ".

Hearing those words of his disciples and very much upset Viswamitra spoke to all of them with his eyes turned blood red.

" Against me who is not an evil one , and who is a great performer of penance, they are using evil words. They will turn to ashes . There is no doubt about that ! Today they will be dragged to hell by the shackles of time. They will live seven hundred years eating dead bodies. Eating dog flesh, deformed and ugly they will be known as Mushtikas roaming in this world. That Mahodaya with evil mind also spoke evil about me who cannot be spoken of as evil. So he will be a Kirataka and be spoken of as evil in all the worlds. Having earned my wrath he will live leading a wretched life and as Kirataka taking lives without pity".

Having said these words in the midst of all Rishis , the great sage became silent.

Thus the fifty ninth Sarga of Balakanda in Valmiki Ramayana comes to an end.

||om tat sat ||

एतावदुक्त्वा वचनं विश्वामित्रो महतपाः ।
विरराम महातेजा ऋषिमध्ये महामुनिः ॥

'Having said these words in the midst of all Rishis , the great sage became silent'.
|| om tat sat |