Srimad Valmiki Ramayanam

Balakanda Sarga 71

Janaka narrates his family lineage !!

|| om tat sat ||

एवं ब्रुवाणं जनकः प्रत्युवाच कृतांजलिः ।
श्रोतुमर्हसि भद्रं ते कुलं नः परिकीर्तितम् ॥

Paying obeisance to the one who has spoken thus, Janaka replied as under." May all be well with you. You may also listen about my reputed lineage"


Sarga Seventy one

Paying obeisance to the sage Vasishta who has spoken about the lineage of Rama and Lakshmana , Janaka replied as follows." Oh Brahmarshi ! May all be well with you. You may also listen about our reputed lineage. Oh Best of Sages ! The head of the family should detail his family lineage without leaving anything at the time of giving away his daughter."

Janaka continued.

"The supremely righteous King Nimi was known in all the three worlds by his deeds and was the most powerful among the powerful. His son was named Mithi. The city of Mithila was built by him. He is the first "Janaka". Janaka had a son by name Udavasu. Udavasa had righteous Nandivardhana. Nanadivardhana's son is Suketu. Suketu had righteous and powerful son by name Devarata. Devarata had a son Bruhadratha who is a Rajarshi. Bruhadratha had a powerful son by name Mahavira. Mahavira had a son Sudhruti, who is a follower of Truth. Sudhruti had Drushtaketu who is a follower of Dharma. Drushtaketu had a son by name Haryasva who is a Rajarshi. Haryasva's son is Maru. Maru's son is Pratimdhaka . Pratimdhaka's son is Kirtiratha. Kirtiratha's son is Devamidha. Devamidha's son is Vibudha. Vibudha's son is Mahidraka. Mahidraka's son is Kirtirata. Kirtirata had a son who is a Rajarshi by name Maharoma. Maharoma's son is Swarnaroma. Swarnaroma's son is Hrasvaroma".

Janaka continued.

"That righteous king Hrasvaroma had two sons. Among the brothers I am the elder one. My brother is Kusadhvaja. My father who was the king went to forests after my coronation as the king. He also handed over the responsibility of my brother Kusadhvaja. When my old father passed away I was ruling following Dharma. I was also looking after my brother in friendly manner. After some time the powerful Sudhanva wanted to create obstructions and came to Mithila from Sankasya. He sent a message asking me to give the celestial bow of Siva and the lotus eyed Sita to him. Oh Brahmarshi ! Since I refused ( his demands ) he came for a battle. Facing me in that battle he was killed. Having defeated him I made Kusadhvaja as the king of Sankasya".

"Oh Venerable sage! Kusadhvaja is my younger brother. I am the elder one. I propose to give Sita to Ramabhadra and Urmila to Lakshmana. May you be blessed. I am repeating three times that I am giving my daughter Sita an equal of Suras and secondly Urmila. There is no doubt. Oh Rajan ! Perform gifting away of cows by Rama and Lakshmana . Also perform the actions related to ancestors followed by the marriage .Today is Makha. O King third day from today on Uttara Phalguni . Preform marriage under that star. For the welfare of Rama and Lakshmana perform charitable activities".

Thus the seventy first Sarga comes to an end .

|| ओम् तत् सत् ||

फल्गुना मुत्तरे राजन् तस्मिन् वैवाहिकं कुरु ।
रामलक्ष्मणयोराजन् दानं कार्यं सुखोदयम् ॥

"on Uttara Phalguni perform the marriage under that star. For the welfare of Rama and Lakshmana perform charitable activities".

|| om tat sat ||