Srimad Valmiki Ramayanam

Balakanda Sarga 72

The Four marriages !!

||om tat sat ||

तमुक्तवंतं वैदेहं विश्वामित्रो महामुनिः ।
उवाच वचनं वीरं वसिष्ठसहितो नृपम् ॥

Thus told by valiant king of Videha, the venerable sage Viswamitra along with sage Vasishta spoke as follows.

Sarga Seventy two

Thus hearing the narration of the lineage of the kings of Videha , the venerable sage Viswamitra along with sage Vasishta spoke to Janaka as follows.

"Oh King the lineages of Ikshvakus and the kings of Videha are eminent. They are beyond measure and cannot be described. There is no one who can equal them. The match of Sita and Urmila with Rama and Lakshmana is perfect by cannons of Dharma and in looks . Oh Best of men ! Please listen to what I have to say. Your brother Kusadhvaja is knowledgeable one in Dharma. Oh King! I pray that Kusadhvaja's two daughters who are of unrivalled beauty on this earth be given in marriage to the two ingenious sons Bharata and Satrughna of King Dasaratha. O King I am praying that your daughters be given to the great sons of Dasaratha".

Viswamitra continued.

"These sons of Dasaratha are full with riches of form and youth. They equal the rulers of the world in all respects and match Devas in valor. Oh King ! With this alliance the Ikshwaku line as well as yours who have done many auspicious deeds will prosper".

Hearing those words which also had the agreement of Vasishta from Viswamitra, Janaka bowed to the two venerable sages and spoke as follows.

"Oh Best of Sages ! As this alliance is prescribed by you both I take it as the best . Our line is blessed. May you be blessed too. The two daughters of Kusadhvaja will be the wives of Bharata and Satrughna. The marriage ceremony of the four princesses with the four princes will happen on the same day. Oh Brahman ! When the Bhaga Prajapati is in Uttara Phalguni people consider that time as auspicious for marriage".

King Janaka having said the words in the most pleasing manner to the two sages, spoke again with folded hands as follows. "Oh Best of sages ! You have done me a favor. I will forever be your follower. Please take these important seats. You may treat city of Mithila like Ayodhya. Have no doubt , Our government will implement what ever you say".

When the king of Videha spoke thus the delighted king Dasaratha, the scion of Raghu replied to King Janaka as follows.

"Oh Rulers of Mithila! You have innumerable qualities. The legions of Rishis and the Kings have been worshipped by you. May all good happen to you. I will go to my palace. I will perform all necessary rituals. May you be blessed."

Then the king Dasaratha left following the two sages with the permission of the King.

Then having gone to his palace, Dasaratha performed the rituals as they should be done . Then getting up in the morning he gave away the best of cows. For each one of his sons he gave away a lakh of cows to the Brahmins as ordained. The cows he gave away were best of the cows which had calfs and were giving plenty of milk , had horns of gold. He also gave them brass vessels for milking cows etc. Thus with overflowing affection for his sons he gave away plenty of money too along with the cows.

Having given away cows the king Dasaratha surrounded by his sons looked like the happy Prajapati surrounded by the rulers of various worlds

|| Thus end the seventy second Sarga in Balakanda||

||om tat sat ||

स सुतैः कृतगोदानैः वृतस्तु नृपतिस्तदा ।
लोकपालैरिवाभाति वृतः सौम्यः प्रजापतिः ॥

The king surrounded by his sons , having given away, cows looked like the happy Prajapati surrounded by the rulers of various worlds.

|| om tat sat ||



||om tat sat ||