Srimad Bhagavdgita

BSankhya Yoga- Chapter 2

In Sankhya Yoga on Moksha !!

Sankhya Yoga and Moksha !

There are lots of important thoughts in Sankhya Yoga. One such thought is about Moksha - the act of liberation ! and the achievers of Moksha

Talking about Atman , Krishna elaborates on the theme of MokSha ! What is MokSha and who may get MokSha(2:15).

First he elaborates on - समत्व - a state of "being of even mind without being perturbed". That simple sounding word coming out of सम meaning equal packs lot of thought. Being of equal attitude for happenings of the standard pairs of opposites like happiness and distress, profit and Loss , heat and cold and so on is the key. Mainly the happiness and distress which is caused by the activities of the sensory organs. The unbounded feast for the sensory organs results in happiness as well as distress. The one who can take on these pairs with an equanimity such a one will not be affected by these pairs of opposites.

Now having noted this samatva , let us see the sloka. :

श्लो॥ यं हि न व्यधयं त्येते पुरुषं पुरुषर्षभ।
सम दुःख सुखं धीरं सः अमृतत्वाय कल्पते ॥15||

स॥ हे पुरुषर्षभ ! एते सम दुःखं सुखं धीरं यं पुरुषं न व्यधयंति सः ( पुरुषः ) अमृतत्वाय ( मोक्षाय) कल्पते ।

- those that are the result of the sensory organs
सम दुःखं सुखं धीरं
- The one who can face happiness and distress courageously with equanimity ,
यं पुरुषं न व्यधयंति
-That one whom they( the happiness and distress) do not trouble or affect.
- such person
अमृतत्वाय कल्पते
- fit for liberation ! or Moksha

Thus the one that is not affected or distressed by the " happiness or distress ", that person is fit for liberation or Moksha.

What is Moksha?
- A position of permanent happiness without death.
Who can achieve that ?
- Those that are not affected by the happenings that are the result of sensory organs;
- Those that are able to be free of distress irrespective of whether one is faced with events of happiness or distress.

The sloka defines a class of courageous ones , and then says those courageous ones are fit for Moksha.

This is Advaita in simple words.
Moksha is not some thing one achieves after death
MokSha is obtained in this world itself.
The tool for Moksha is Nishkama karma or self less action
Performing selfless action without any concern for the fruits of action
But Preforming selfless action also results in fruits.
Those are also in the form of happiness and distress
Like we hear सुख दुखं समेकृत्वा
accepting the results with equanimity
and continuing the selfless action is the key
The ones who are not affected by such happiness and distress are the courageous ones.
Those courageous ones are fit for Moksha.
Those who are not affected by happiness and distress resulting from actions are always in a state of happiness

The pleasure obtained out of performing self less action is the Moksha

This is the summary of this sloka
This is what Krishna told all of us
There is no stipulation like Moksha is only for the ones who know Vedas
There is no distinction of men or women
There no mention of whether one is a King or a pauper
Or even if one is Brahman or other caste.
This is only for those courageous people who can attain happiness performing self less action

||Om tat sat||


|| om tat sat ||