Srimad Valmiki Ramayanam

Sankshipta Ramayanam in Balakanda !!

As told by Narada to Sage Valmiki !

With Sanskrit text in Telugu , Kannada and Devanagari,

Sankshipta Ramayanam

Balakanda is the first Kanda in Ramayana.

They very first chapter with its hundred slokas is considered as " Sankshipta Ramayan" , since Narada tells the full story of Rama from Birth to to the Pattabhisheka Ghatta ! Then in the second chapter we have the momentous outpouring of Valmiki's sorrow in the form of a Sloka, which Brahma confirms as his wish that Ramayana be composed in that meter. Then in the third chapter we have Ramayana being revealed to Valmiki in its entirety. Valmiki teaches this Lava and Kusa who sing this beautiful song in the court of Rama!! that is how in the first four chapters Ramayan is introduced by Valmiki.

Among all this the First Sarga is called the Sankshipta Ramayana with exactly hundred slokas.

We are pleased to bring this Sankshipta Ramayan in variety of forms.

Parayana is a tradition with many families. So we have only slokas for Parayana in Devanagari, Telugu and Kannada ( see the links on the left)

For several people reading slokas with meaning is important. So we have Slokas in Devanagari with English translation. Slokas in Telugu with Telugu Translation, Slokas in Kannada script with English translation.

We have added two pages with Sankshipta Ramayan as simple English Story and as a Telugu story form.

This is for the your reading pleasure !!

|| om tat sat ||