||Stotras on SriRama ||

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Rama Nama;

In the lore of Mantras, the name of Rama ( Rama nama) is a Mantra. It is called 'taraka mantra'. The word 'taraka' means a raft or a deliverer/liberator. According to tradition the name of Rama alone can help one cross the ocean of worldly desires ('samsara Sagara).

While there are several names of Gods that can be chanted, chanting "rama, rama" is considered the most significant for many.The reasons are not far to seek.

It is a name that provides deliverance. The word Rama is Taraka mantra.
Rama is an embodiment of Vishnu. There are thousand names for Vishnu. It is said reciting Vishnu Sahasra Nama , leads one to liberation. Just by chanting Rama nama, one can gain the benefits of chanting all the 1000 names of the Lord Vishnu. This is mentioned by Lord Shiva himself to Goddess Parvathi, who asks him what is the easy way to recite all the 1000 names of the Lord. ("sahasra naama thath thulyam rama naama varaanane" – By chanting Rama naama, one can get the benefits of chanting all the 1000 names of the Lord).

During the course of his life, Lord Rama befriended all kinds of beings and bestowed love on them. This list includes Guha (the head of a tribal group), Jataayu (a vulture), Sugriva (a monkey), Sabari ( an elderly women), Vibhishana (a demon) and even a squirrel. Such is his vow that anyone who comes to him asking for his help will be taken care of. For his righteous behavior, he is called Purushottama ( 'supreme among men').
Rama is one name that is easy to pronounce as well as to write as well. While some people chant the name, there are several who prefer to write it. Many people of older generation write the name of Rama repetitively to keep their mind focused on Rama
We can also make children write Rama nama which will not only increase their awareness of the supreme but also will have positive side-effects such as improved hand-writing, sticking to a schedule, healthy competition with other children and increased focus! 

With all these thoughts, we thought it is appropriate to put together some of the Stotram of Rama. On this page we put together five such stotras.

Bhadrachala Rama Stotra

Ramachandra Krupaalu Bhaja

Rama Mangala Sasanam

Rama Rakshsa Stotra

Rama pancha Ratna Storam

Links have been provided for all these five Stotras for your singing pleasure.
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