|| Sarga 12 ||

|| Tattva Dipika ||

||om tat sat||

Sarga 12

Hanuman's sorrow.

The story of the twelfth Sarga can be summarized as follows.

In search for Sita, Hanuman, the son of Vayu ,
goes through the inner harem of Ravana .
But "न चेव तां पश्यति" meaning ,
he was unable to see her.

Then Hanuman goes into a deep thought.
"I am unable to find Sita",
"धृवं हि सीता म्रियते" -
meaning that "certainly she might have been dead".
But he does not think it is right to go back.
He says to himself - "न मे अस्ति सुग्रीव समीपगा गतिः"- "
"should not go near Sugriva" .
Thinking further he wonders if his effort has been wasted.
"वृथा जातो मम श्रमः"- "My effort has become a waste"

His thinking continues and he wonders.
What he can share with the rest of the Vanaras and Jambavan?
Realizing that his thinking is going in a gloomy direction,
Hanuman recollects a general truth saying,
"keeping the gloomy spirits at bay is essential
for prosperity and critical for happiness.
It is needed to carry on with all affairs at all times.
It brings success to any endeavour that a man takes up."

Applying that general truth in his case for the current task on hand,
Hanuman decides that he should put forth his best effort and search for Sita again.

Then - " भूयोपि विचेतुमुपचक्रमे".
Again Hanuman starts his search for Sita.
Valmiki describes Hanuman's search.
"प्रविशन् निष्पतं चापि" meaning entering and leaving,
as well as "प्रपतन् उत्पतन् अपि" ,
meaning getting down and jumping up in his search for Sita,
adding a renewed vigor to his search.

But unable to see Sita his mind was filled with sorrow.
Hanuman then goes into a deep thought.

That is the story of the twelfth Sarga.

In this Sarga we see Hanuman giving way to frustration,
as he says to himself ,
"वृथा जातो मम श्रम" ,
"my effort has gone waste".

The general maxim is that
to achieve success in any given task one must work with enthusiasm.
That is also the message we hear in this Sarga through Hanuman. .

अनिर्वेदः श्रियोमूलं
अनिर्वेदः परं सुखं।
अनिर्वेदो हि सततं
सर्वार्थेषु प्रवर्तकः॥

"Being free from despair is the cause of prosperity.
Being free from despair leads to ultimate happiness.
Being free from despair is needed to carry on with all affairs at all times.

Here we have interesting commentaries.

Govinda Tika says
चिरं निर्वेदं कार्यहानिः स्यात् इति मत्वा अनिर्वेदमवलम्बते - अनिर्वेद इति।
अनिर्वेद उत्साहः तत्कृतं तत्प्रयुक्तं यत् चेष्टे करोमीत्यर्थः।
अनिर्वेद एव सफलं करोति इत्यर्थः।
"Thinking that being distressed for long is damaging he decides to be 'without distress'. |
It means that 'That action without distress and with enthusiasm is what I will do'.
Being without distress only makes the being successful."

Ramayana tilaka says:
उत्साहस्य संपत्तिमूलकत्वं उपपादयन् आह - अनिर्वेद इति।
" To emphasize that enthusiasm is at the root of wealth/fortune he said this Aniverda etc"

In Valmiki Ramayan ,
we hear the general truths of that period and many of them may also be valid today.
The thought about being free from despair or having enthusiasm is one such.
Having remembered the maxim ,
Hanuman tries to apply it for himself says the following.

"करोति सफलं जंतोः कर्म यत् करोति सः।
तस्मात् अनिर्वेद कृतं यत्नंचेष्टेहमुत्तमं"॥

" That (enthusiasm/ being free of distress) makes the actions of the beings successful.
Therefore, I shall put forth my best effort without feeling despondent. 

Then Hanuma gets on with the search.

The point being made is that
" even if the effort is not successful ,
one should not give up and pursue again with renewed enthusiasm" .

Just as we pursue the goals in normal life in spite of many failures,
one should also pursue search for "Self" in spite of many obstacles.

Among thousands of seekers only few achieve the goal of "Self realization".
That search faces innumerable obstacles.
Disheartened by the obstacle many give up.
Only a few will continue towards the goal in spite of those obstacles.
In the search for Self one has to overcome those obstacles. .
Overcome them with vigor and enthusiasm and an unwavering mind
It is not some thing one overcomes with diffidence .

That is the point conveyed in this Sarga.

||om tat sat||
|| This is what we understood from Tattva Dipika of Shri Bhashyam, Appalacharyulu garu"||
|| om tat sat||