|| Sarga 14 ||

|| Tattva Dipika ||

||om tat sat||

Sarga 14

Tattvadipika 14
सुंदरे सुंदरं वनं.

The fourteenth Sarga can be summarized as follows.

Hanuman enters Ashoka grove.
Ashoka grove can be described as सुंदरं वनं.
That is Ashoka Van.

That is filled with trees of all types of fruits and flowers.
Inhabited by intoxicated cuckoos and ever delighting bees.
The trees were having abundant flowers and fruits .
Ashoka grove was pleasing to the people,
with herds of animals and flocks of birds.
Flocks of proud peacocks.
Flocks of different birds.
Vanara saw a delightful mountain resembling a rain cloud with tall peaks.
The Vanara saw a river flowing down from that mountain
Nearby he saw a Simsupa tree.
Seeing the auspicious waters of the river,
thinking that Sita will surely come there for performing the rites of twilight,
Hanuma climbed up that tree.
He sat there waiting to see if Sita would come.

That summarizes the story of the Sarga 14.

What is prominent in the Sarga is the is the poets flowing descriptions.
The first Sloka starts with
"स मुहूर्तमिव ध्यात्वा"
reminding us of all the prayers of Hanuma,
before he jumped into the grove.

Describing that Hanuma the poet says
"संहृष्ट सर्वांगः"
"Filled with joy in every limb of his body"
Ramayana Tilaka says"पुलकित सर्वांगः"
Why ?
"मनसा चाधिगम्य ताम्"
"Having reached Sita in his mind"
Very thought of reaching Sita delighted Hanuma as he enters.
How does he enter?
"ज्यामुक्त इव नाराचः"
Like the arrow that left the bow.
This again reminds of Hanuma's words at the start of this journey.
At that time Hanuma thinks of himself as an instrument of Rama.
Rama's arrow.
He pledged to achieve the task much like Rama's arrow,
which always reaches the target.
Now the reminder of that seems to drop a hint.
Hint that may be search is reaching its goal.

The grove is filled with trees of all types of fruits and flowers.
Inhabited by intoxicated cuckoos, ever delighting bees and birds

How are those birds ?
"सुखप्रसुप्तान् विहगान्"
The birds are sleeping happily in a state of bliss as it were..

How are the trees ?
"मुमुचुः पुष्प वृष्टयः"
Those trees rained flowers on Hanuma,
as he moved in like an arrow into that grove. .

How is Hanuma ?
"पुष्पावकीर्णः शुशुभे हनुमान् मारुतात्मजः"
Covered with Flowers rained by the trees,
he was shining like a mountain of flowers.

Looking at Hanuma covered with flowers,
"सर्वाणि भूतानि" all the creatures were wonder struck.
"वसंत इति मेनिरे"|
They thought the Spring season arrived in the form of Hanuma.
Implying those creatures were delighted.

Even the land around that was shining
"रराज वसुधा तत्र"|

The poet says that the Ashoka grove crushed by Hanuman's tail and hands,
appeared like a woman with dishevelled hair,
with her vermillion mark effaced ,
with her bright teeth and lips looking faded.
Being kissed and wounded with nails and bitten with teeth
she was in a state of delight "Ananda".
That grove was generating delight all round.

There Hanuman saw a beautiful mountain.
"ददर्श हरिशार्दूलो रम्यं जगति पर्वतम्"
Elaborating on जगति पर्वतम् Ramayana Tilaka says:
जगति लोके रम्यं,
सुन्दरवस्तुभ्योऽपि परम सुन्दरम्।
तीर्थस्तु- जगति पर्वतम् !
जगति लोके रम्यं । एतत् सदृशम् रम्यं किंचिन्नास्ति इत्यर्थः।

That पर्वतम् is परम सुन्दरम्.
There is nothing as beautiful as that.

There Hanuma saw a tree with golden hues , Simsupa tree.
"कांचनीं शिंशुपामेकां ददर्श हनुमान् कपिः".

Ramayan tilaka elaborates on this
लताप्रतानादिभिर्वृताम् ..
कांचनीं शिंशुपाम्
वृक्षविशेषं ददर्श.
Hanuma saw a special Simsupa tree
covered with foliage of many creepers,
with a raised platform of gold around it.

The trees with golden hues had a glow.
The poet describes the effect of the glow on Hanuma.
अमन्यत महावीरः काञ्चनोस्मि इति वानरः।
Hanuman thought he attained golden hue.

Ramaayana Tilaka says:
मेरोरिव द्रुमाणां प्रभयोपलक्षितो महाकपिः
अहं काञ्चनोस्मि इति अमन्यत ।
The description is such that it is as though Hanuma was pleased.
Then Hanuman was wonder struck
seeing and hearing the tinkling sound of hundreds of anklets produced by the golden tree swaying in the wind.

Then Hanuma climbs the tree in anticipation of seeing Sita.

The Sarga is full of such enchanting descriptions.
Every one of them have an element of joy seeping through them

There is a element of joy in everything about Ashoka grove.
The birds in blissful sleep.
The trees shedding flowers.
Covered with all flowers Hanuman looking beautiful.
That Parvatam looking परम सुन्दरम्
Grove itself looking like a woman in delight, Aananda.
This is the Aanandmaya Kosa.
The sheath of bliss.

There is an element of joy in all actions of Hanuma.
Hanuma is filled with joy in every limb of his body as he enters.
Hanuma looking beautiful covered with all flowers moving through Ashokvan.
Hanuma thinking that he attained Golden hue.
Hanuma wonder struck at the scenery and sounds all around.
Hanuma's anticipation as he awaits possible darshan of Sita.

This is the story of Sundara in सुंदरं वनं.
This is the story of Hanuma in the आनंदमयकोश

||om tat sat||
|| This is what we understood from Tattva Dipika of Shri Bhashyam, Appalacharyulu garu||
|| om tat sat||