|| Sarga 30 ||

|| Tattva Dipika ||

|| om tat sat||
Sarga 30

Tattvadipika 30
Hanuman's thoughts

Hanuma hidden in the branches of the Simsupa tree heard everything.
He heard the threatening of Sita by the Rakshasas.
He heard Trijata recounting her dream.
Looking at Sita who looked like a goddess in Nandana gardens of Indra,
the Vanara started thinking about his task.
The thoughts of Hanuma spoken out loud are the subject of this Sarga.

While Hanuman is thus speaking,
the inner story and the outer shell merge into one.
So we hear Hanuman.

Hanuman said to himself ,
'Among the many hundreds and thousands of Vanaras
who were searching for Sita in all directions,
I was the one to have found her here.
Intelligently assessing the strength of the enemies,
roaming around the city in secret like a spy ,
I have seen everything in Lanka.
I have seen the ability of Rakshasas,
I have seen the city.
I have also seen the power of the Ravana, the king of Rakshasas.
It is proper to console Sita who is anxious to see her husband'.

Then remembering Ram as one,
who is compassionate to all,
who is of immeasurable power too,
Hanuma was secretly pleased.

Hanuman continued his thoughts.
'I shall console this lady who has not seen sorrows before.
If I go away without consoling this lady
who is overwhelmed with sorrow, it will be wrong.
If I go away without talking,
this renowned princess not knowing the way out will give up her life.
It is my duty to Inform Rama about the where abouts of Sita.
Thus providing relief to Rama, who is anxious to see Sita'.

Hanuma continues.

'Talking in front of the Rakshasas, the night beings, is risky.
What is my duty ?
I am at a loss.
If I do not speak before the end of the night she will give up her life.
There is no doubt about that'

'If Rama asks me what did Sita say,
then how can I give an answer if I do not talk to her.
If I go away without carrying a message from Sita
then the scion of Kakutstha will burn me up with anger in his eyes.
If the king Sugriva comes here with his full army,
then his coming will be useless,
if Sita gives up her life'.

'I will wait here for a suitable time
Then I will slowly console this lady who is in deep sorrow'.

' I am of a small body.
More specially a Vanara.
I will use Samskruta which is men's language.
If I speak Samskruta like the twice born one ,
thinking that I am Ravana, Sita will be scared.
She may wonder how can a Vanara speak like this.
So I should speak the common language of people.
Otherwise I will not be able to pacify her.
Already frightened by the Rakshasas ,
this Janaki seeing my form and the speech will be scared again.
Then thinking that I am the Ravana who can take any form,
she will make a loud noise'.

'With the sound made by Sita,
Rakshasa legions who are armed with different kind of weapons,
will gather like the dreadful Yama.
Then the Rakshasas, with hideous faces, will surround me
They will make an effort to capture me or kill me'.

'Seeing me swinging across branches and trunks of best trees while running,
the Rakshasas will get scared.
The Rakshasas with hideous faces,
seeing my great form moving about in the grove will be very scared.
Thereafter the Rakshasas will invite the attention of the guards.
Those are the special ones employed by the King.
Those Rakshasas thus excited will come speedily.
They will come armed with all kinds of weapons ready for war.
They will be armed with spears, tridents, swords and others.
Surrounded by them I might not be able to reach the other end of the ocean.
Prompt to act, Rakshasas will jump up in the sky to capture me.
This lady will not receive any message and I will be captured too.
These Rakshasas are interested in acts of violence,
And they will harm the daughter of Janaka.
Then the mission of Rama and Sugriva will be lost'.

'Janaki is hidden in this secret location.
A location surrounded by the ocean.
A location guarded by the Rakshasas.
If I am killed or captured in a battle with Rakshasas ,
I do not see anybody else who can help in accomplishing this task.
If I am killed I do not see another Vanara
who can leap over the hundred Yojana wide ocean'.

Hanuma says ,
"विमृशंश्च न पश्यामि यो हते मयि वानरः।
शतयोजन विस्तीर्णं लंघयेत महोदधिम्॥"
which means that in case he dies ,
he does not see any Vanara
who can cross the hundred Yojana ocean!
Which is true as we know from that dialog among the Vanaras.
Faced with a gigantic task of crossing the ocean,
Vanaras wonder who can cross the ocean.
Each of the Vanara's express a doubt.
Then only, Jambavan prodded Hanuma into taking the leap.

Hanuma also touches on his own capabilities for taking on Rakshasas.
"कामं हन्तुं समर्थोऽस्मि सहस्राण्यपि रक्षसाम्"
"It is true that I am capable of handling thousands of Rakshasas".
But he also realizes the possible limitations.

We continue with Hanuma's loud thinking.

Hanuma says
'I am capable of killing thousands of Rakshasas.
But reaching the other shore thereafter may not be possible.
The war is no doubt unpredictable.
Which wise man will take a doubtful task without a question?

'If I do not speak Vaidehi will give up her life.
If I speak to her there may be a problem too'.

' If time and place are not propitious ,
with a confused messenger, even tasks that can be accomplished,
may not be accomplished.
Swinging from a course of positive action,
to an action that is calamitous is not proper.
Messengers who assume they are wise destroy their mission'.

'How to ensure that the mission is not destroyed?
How can the failure be avoided?
How can effort of the crossing of ocean be not wasted?'

Thus thinking about Sita ,
Hanuman comes to a decision.

Hanuman says to himself.
'By praising Rama
who is known for judicious action,
by praising Rama
who is very dear to her,
by praising Rama
in whom her mind is absorbed,
I will not create fear'.

Hanuma continues.
'Presenting auspicious words about Rama ,
who is the esteemed person of Ikshwakus,
who has realized self,
and making her listen to every thing.
she will be calmed and then trust me'.

Having made up his mind,
The great Hanuman seated among the branches of the tree and hidden,
looking at the wife of the lord of the universe,
started singing the story of Rama sweetly.

Thus we again hear Hanuman relate the story of Rama.

When Rama's story is sung there is no distraction.
It was so before too.
When there was distraction in the form of Mainaka,
who appeared in the middle of the ocean,
or when Surasa blocked him in the middle of the ocean ,
the reaction of Hanuman was to immediately recite the story of Rama
and reiterate the purpose of his travel.

Here also Hanuman follows the same path,
Singing Rama's story to gain confidence of Sita and also please Sita.

That is the power of Rama's story.
That is also what we learn in the thirtieth Sarga of Sundarakanda.

|| om tat sat||
|| This is what we understood from Tattva Dipika of Shri Bhashyam, Appalacharyulu garu"||
|| om tat sat||