|| Sarga 43 ||

|| Tattva Dipika ||

|| om tat sat||

Sarga 43

Sarga 43
"न यूयं न च रावणः"

"न यूयं न च रावणः" means
"You will not be there, nor will Ravana be"
This is what Hanuma tells the Rakshasa mobs.

Hanuma does not stop after the roar of victory.
He falls into his thinking mode.
" I destroyed the grove.
But I did not destroy this temple.
So, I will destroy the same"
So Hanuma jumps to the top of that temple,
which as high as Mountain Meru.

Hanuma assuming his large form roars again
That roar reverberates all around Lanka.
The reverberations made the birds fall off their paths.
The guards of that temple too lost their consciousness.
Hanuma lets out his victory roar again!

'Victory for Rama, knowledgeable about all weapons
Victory to Lakshmana, the great warrior.
Victory to Sugriva who follows Rama.
I am Hanuman destroyer of enemy armies'
'I am a servant of Rama, the Lord of Kosala,
who can overcome any difficulty.
Not even a thousand Ravana's can match me in a war,
while I pound them with thousands of rocks and trees.
Having destroyed Lanka, and having saluted Mythili,
I will return having completed my task,
while all the Rakshasa are watching.'

Hanuma roared thus from the top of that temple,
to create a sense of fear among all the Rakshasas.

Then hundreds of guards of the temple,
surround Hanuma with variety of arms.

The hordes of Rakshasas having surrounded Hanuman,
looked like a big whirlpool in the river Ganges.
Then the mighty Hanuman, the angry son of wind god,
assuming a fearsome form,
uproots a hundred-edged pillar of the temple.
He whirls it around with great speed.
The fire that got generated burnt temple too.

Then the best of Vanaras killing hundreds of Rakshasas,
looked like the Indra killing Asuras with his thunder bolt.
Hanuma again roared standing in the air.

' Huge and mighty Vanaras like me,
who are loyal to Sugriva, are dispatched in thousands.
We and others are wandering around the earth in search of Sita.
Some have strength of ten elephants.
Some have ten times more strength.
Some others have thousand elephant's strength.
Some have force of a flood,
Some have the strength of wind.
And still others have immeasurable strength'.

'Surrounded with such warriors in their hundred thousand,
warriors, who use their teeth and nails as weapons,
Sugriva the killer of all of you is coming.
Because of your enmity with the lord of Ikshwakus,
this city of Lanka will be no more.
You will be no more.
Ravana too will be no more'.

This is a roar of victory anticipated,
leaving the Rakshasas stunned.
The purpose is to strike terror into their hearts
Again, Hanuma spares no words in describing the strength of Vanaras.
Govindaraja says
॥गो टी॥ राक्षसानां उत्साहभङ्गं कारयितुं आह।
Said this to dampen the enthusiasm of the Rakshasas,
Hanuman at every turn exaggerates the strength of Vanaras.

Thus, ends the forty third Sarga of Sundarakanda

|| om tat sat||
|| This is what we understood from Tattva Dipika of Shri Bhashyam, Appalacharyulu garu"||
|| om tat sat||