|| Sarga 44 ||

|| Tattva Dipika ||

|| om tat sat||

Sarga 44

Sarga 44
'पपात निहतौ भूमौ जंबुमाली महाबल'।

"पपात निहतौ भूमौ"
"Being killed fell on the ground "
That is the story of Jambumali, the son of Prahastha.
We hear that story in this Sarga.

Hearing about the death of Kinkaras,
hearing about the temple complex being destroyed,
Ravana orders Jambumali, the son of Prahastha to go after Hanuma.

The Sarga starts with,"संदिष्टो राक्षसेन्द्रेण."
commissioned by king, Jambumali starts for the battle.

Adorned with garland of red flowers and clothes,
With beautiful earrings and big round eyes,
Jambumali was fierce and invincible in war.

With a bow like that of Indra's to shoot powerful arrows,
making loud noise as if thundering like the Indra's thunderbolt,
Jambumali starts for the battle.
The great thundering noises of his bow filled all the directions,
including the sky and other worlds.

Seeing Jambumali come with a chariot drawn by donkeys,
Hanuman endowed with great speed,
was delighted and made a loud noise

The powerful Jambumali hit the great Vanara Hanuman,
who was standing on the archway with arrows.
He troubled the best of Vanaras with a crescent shaped arrow to his face,
and with ten ear shaped arrows to the head and shoulders.

Hit by the arrows Hanuma's reddish face looked like,
a full-blown lotus in autumn season hit by the rays of Sun.
His red face glowing with blood was like a red lotus in the sky,
sprinkled with drops of red sandal.

Hit by the arrows of the Rakshasa Hanuman was enraged.
Then he saw a huge rock on the side.
The mighty one having quickly lifted that one, hurled the same.
The enraged Rakshasa smashed that with ten arrows.

The fierce warrior Hanuman seeing his action being thwarted,
saw a big tree, pulled out the same and started whirling.
Seeing the mighty Vanara whirling the Sala tree,
the mighty Jambumali attacked Hanuman with many arrows.
He cut off the tree with four arrows,
and hit Vanara with five arrows on his shoulder,
one arrow on his chest and ten arrows below the chest.

With arrows all over his body,
angry Hanuman took the same iron spear and started whirling again.
Hanuman of immeasurable strength,
with great speed whirling the iron spear threw it the chest of Jambumali.

Then his head was not seen.
No shoulders, no knees, no chariot, or the horses were seen.
With all parts of his body smashed to pieces, nothing was left.
Thus killed, the mighty Jambumali quickly fell on the ground.

Hearing the death of Jambumali,
like the Kinkaras before,
Ravana's eyes became red with anger.

As the mighty Jambumali was killed,
the Rakshasa king with his eyes red and rolling in anger
ordered the sons of the ministers
who are highly valiant warriors.

Thus, the Sarga forty-four in Sundarakanda comes to an end.

|| om tat sat||
|| This is what we understood from Tattva Dipika of Shri Bhashyam, Appalacharyulu garu"||
|| om tat sat||