|| Sarga 45 ||

|| Tattva Dipika ||

|| om tat sat||

Sarga 45

"विविधैश्च स्वरैः लंका निनाद विकृतं तदा|"

"विविधैश्च स्वरैः" means "with different sounds",
"लंका निनाद", means "Lanka reverberated".
The destruction inflicted by Hanuma resulted in the chariots smashed to pieces.
Lanka reverberated with wailing sounds of horses, elephants, and warriors.
That is what happened in the Sarga 45.

The Sarga 45 starts with,
ततस्ते राक्षसेन्द्रेण चोदिता मन्रिणः सुताः।
'The seven minister's sons, thus ordered by the king', proceeded from the palace.
With Jambumali being killed,
Ravana orders the seven sons of his ministers to capture Hanuma.
They proceed from the palace on the orders of Ravana.

They were endowed with a great army.
They were experts in archery, having learnt all about Astras.
They were mighty, each desirous of winning before the other.
They went in chariots decked with golden mesh, mounted with flag masts and flags.
They were sporting wonderful bows shining with molten gold.
They were delighted with the opportunity given by the king.

However, their friends, relatives, and mothers too became agitated,
knowing that Kinkaras and Jambumali have been killed by Hanuman

Wearing burnished ornaments of gold,
which were dashing against each other,
they attacked Hanuman, perched on the archway.
Roaring with the chariots rattling,
they sent forth torrent of arrows like the bursting stormy clouds.
Then Hanuman covered with the rain of arrows
appeared like king of mountains covered with showers of rain.

The Vanara moving fast in the sky
rendered the arrows of the heroes and the speed of their chariots impotent.
The hero playing with those carrying bows in the sky,
looked like the powerful wind god playing in the sky with the clouds.
The hero moved fast making a loud noise and frightening the army of Rakshasas.
The scorcher of enemies hit some with his palm,
some with his feet and some with his fist.
Some were pierced with nails

The Vanara strangled some with chest,
some others with thighs.
Some fell on the ground stunned by his roar.
Finally, all the minister's sons dropped down dead.
The elephants trumpeted discordantly.
Horses fell on the ground.
Then the army fled in all directions.
Ground was full of broken seats, parasols and flagstaffs.
Streams of blood flowed.

Poet describes the scene saying,
"विविधैश्च स्वरैः लंका निनाद विकृतं तदा।"
Then Lanka was filled with many kinds of horrifying sounds.

Hanuman, the mighty hero, having killed mighty Rakshasas,
desirous of battling more, again went back to the archway.

Thus, the Sarga 45 ends with the Hanuman back on the arch.

|| om tat sat||
|| This is what we understood from Tattva Dipika of Shri Bhashyam, Appalacharyulu garu"||
|| om tat sat||