Bhagavatam lo Dasamam

Bhagavatam gives an introduction to the embedded story in the first two chapters of the first Skandha

“The epic by name Bhagavatam is the narration of the stories of God . It is compiled by Vyasa Deva . It is meant for the ultimate good of all people for their success , bliss and perfection”.

Vyasa Deva taught this to his son Suka Deva , the most respected among all sages , who imbibed the truth of Vedas . Suka Deva in his turn delivered this great story to Maharaj Parikshit , who sat on the banks of Sacred river Ganges awaiting death in an assemblage of sages and wise men . Suka Deva delivered this story in response to the question of Maharaj Parikshit . Parikshit asked Suka Deva what is the most important duty of a man faced with imminent death . What should such a person hear about , repeat , do , remember and worship. In response to that question and numerous other queries of Parikshit , Suka Deva narrated the stories of Bhagavatam .

Among the assembled sages is Suta Mahamuni , who heard the Bhagavatam directly from Suka Deva .

Suta Mahamuni later repeated the Bhagavatam narration which he heard from Suka Deva to another assembly of sages led by Saunaka in the Naimisha forest. Saunaka and other sages assembled in the Naimisha forest , concerned about the welfare of the people in the age of Kali and to perform a chain of sacrifices for the welfare of the people in Kali Yuga . They ask Suta to speak on the essence of Vedas . In response Suta Mahamuni , having heard once directly from Suka Mahamauni , repeats the entire Bhagavatam as the essence of Vedas .

Thus in Bhagavatam we hear two dialogs one of Suta Mahamuni with Saunaka and other sages , and the other dialog between Suka mahamuni and the Maharaj Parikshit . Suta mahamuni relates the other dialog between Suka Deva and the Maharaj Parikshit to all the assembled sages led by Saunaka etc.

Among the various story chains the Tenth Skandha narrates the most enchanting story of Lord Krishna , the essence of which is captured in a beautiful sloka :( X31sloka 9 )

"your story which is like Amritam revives the scorched spirit of a man ; purifies a sinner , the holy men thrive on it . To hear it is auspicious and peace generating. Those who chant your name are the real benefactors."

om tat sat


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