Prof Bhavaraju Sarveswara Rao and

Venkata Ratnam Foundation

(Registered under Societies Act 35 of 2001, Regd.

No. 153/2010 dt 25.3.2010)


An Appeal




(Registered under Societies Act 35 of 2001, Regd. No. 153/2010 dt 25.3.2010)


F.NO: TECH III(42)/80G/CIT-1/VSKP/11-12 DT 20.12.2012

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The Professor Bhavaraju Sarveswara Rao and Venkata Ratnam Foundation is a registered charitable society, established by the children and admirers of Late Professor Bhavaraju Sarveswara Rao and Late Mrs. Venkata Ratnam. The foundation was registered as a society on 23 rd March 2010 at Visakhapatnam. It is also approved u/s 12AA and 80G of Income tax act 1961.

Welfare of the society is the central theme of the foundation, rendering help to the needy and aiding research and action in societal issues, focused in the fields of Education and Health. It wishes to make an impact at the grass root level, promoting health, welfare, and education in the neighborhood. The foundation also wishes to establish Professor Sarveswara Rao Center for Action Research.   This letter is an appeal to likeminded individuals and fellow philanthropists to support and participate in this noble endeavor . 

Abhyudaya in a single word describes the virtues of the duo after whom the foundation was instituted. Prof. Sarveswara Rao was a well known Economist, Educator, Administrator, Social Scientist and above all a Humanist. In the course of his long journey for nine decades (1915-2010) through chartered and unchartered paths of Academia, Research and Social Welfare, he lit up many new vistas. He gave a call for ‘Humanization of Economics' at the Indian Economic Conference in 1982, when he was the President of the Indian Economic Association and lead the way by sowing the seeds of Action Research way ahead of his contemporaries. He was always interested in Action research from his early days of work and continued it with much more zeal after his retirement from the Andhra University. Further he had a lifelong commitment to the city of Visakhapatnam and Andhra University.

Welfare of the neighborhood was the prime concern of Late Mrs. Venkata Ratnam (1923-1986). While welfare of the family is the concern of any Grihini (housewife) in a typical Hindu society, for Mrs. Venkata Ratnam, the family extended into the neighborhood as well. She was an ‘ Akkayya garu', an elder sister for the neighborhood . Many vendors, be it milk, vegetables or sundries, continued to be dependent on her as virtual pensioners long after they aged and gave up their vocations.

The Programs initiated and completed: Since inception two years ago, the foundation had taken up the following projects at Rs. 3,20,000.

•  Vision screening for school children: 675 children from two Municipal high schools were examined for vision defects. 30 were found with some eye diseases that needed treatment and glasses were given to 14 children. The cost of the project: 30,000/-, The Mahila Vikas Samstha, Visakhapatnam was the co sponsor.

•  Municipal Primary School, Isakathota was adopted and Rs. 2,10,000/- was spent to date to improve sanitary facilities, provide safe drinking water, and security:

•  Sanitary fittings for the toilets, overhead tank, submersible pump and motor and running water provided with pipes and out lets with hand wash facility for these toilets.

•  Liquid waste disposal into the underground drainage facility of the Municipality.

•  Safety for children by strengthening the parapet walls and installing grill gates.

•  Tables and desks in the class rooms for children who were earlier sitting on the floor.

•  Books donated to The department of Chemical Engineering, Andhra University on the occasion of 60 th birth anniversary of Late Suryanarayana Murty, son of Late Prof and Mrs. Rao and an old student of the department. Rs.52,615/-

•  Spectacles given to 18 orphans in old age homes of St Joseph's, Maharanipet and Missionaries of Charity, Gnanapuram Rs.8,000/-Donor: Dr Hanumanthu Vasudeva Rao

•  A corpus fund of Rs.2,20,000/- was created and the members aim at increasing it..

The future:

The foundation has proposed a survey of health status of about 15,000 Primary school children in Municipal Schools of Visakhapatnam.

A study of alternate energy for rural agricultural operations and the hospital establishments are under way in the power sector as a part of the Action Research.

Establishing a Centre for Action Research (C FAR), with an interdisciplinary think tank and research in societal issues is our objective. We wish to raise a corpus to run the centre.

Foreign Donations :

Donations were promised by individuals in USA and permission to accept the foreign donations under FCRA is awaited

Donations in India- An Appeal:

We appeal for donations from the likeminded fellow philanthropists, well wishers and admirers of Prof. Sarveswara Rao and Mrs. Venkata Ratnam. The Foundation is approved u/s 80G of IT act, 1961 and donors can avail IT Exemption for the donations given to the foundation. The foundation is also approved u/s 12AA of IT Act 1961.

Prof RVR Chandrasekhara Rao , President .

Prof Dr B Subba Rao , Secretary.

Donations may be made payable to: ‘ Prof Bhavaraju Sarveswara Rao and Venkata Ratnam Foundation' by way of check / DD payable at Visakhapatnam. Donors claiming IT exemption u/s 80G are requested to furnish their full name, address and the PAN number on the reverse side of the check /DD. The donor may specify the donation for the general fund / corpus fund or propose any specific project within the frame work of the foundation.

Together we achieve .