In praise of Hunuman - Hanumastuti - Part 2


 Having achieved the purpose of locating Sita, Hanuman realizes that he will have to return to Lanka again with Sri Rama to battle Ravana.  He decides to do a little more to test the capabilities of the enemies. He hits upon an idea to get their attention. He destroys the Asoka grove where Sita is held.  He proclaims loudly that he is the follower of Rama and nothing can stop him.

 These four slokas constitute the famous "Jaya Mantra".  Tradition has it, that these ought to be chanted, whenever one is embarking on a venture and desires victory!

While confronting Ravana in the Raj Sabha, Hanuman again brings out his skills as a learned one advising Ravana to return Sita to Rama and make peace as no one can defeat Rama. When Ravana orders that Hanuman's tail be torched, he turns that into an opportunity the enemy potential and burn down Lanka. Yet, concerned about the safety of Sita, he realizes the dangers of thoughtless action propelled by anger.

"In anger one may even kill elders and may insult pious souls in harsh tones." And then he says 'He alone can be called a 'man' who can do away with the anger that has sprung up in his heart'.

On his return from Lanka Hanuman turns a narrator par excellence that he is, while recounting the whole episode from the time he left the Vanaras on the Mahendra Mountain, till his return to the same place.

When Sugriva hears that the Vanaras on their return destroyed “Madhuvan”, Sugriva was sure of their success!

"With out a doubt Sita has been located, and surely by no other person than Hanuman." Such is the belief in Hanuman.

The Yuddhakanda highlights Hanuman's great valor and his importance to the Vanara army. When the Brahmaastra released by Indrajit disables even mighty Sri Rama and Lakshmana along with scores of others, Vibhishana and Hanuman set about locating survivors on the battle field.  They then find injured Jaambavan. A semiconscious Jambavan's first question to Vibhishan was about the welfare of Hanuman! A perplexed Vibhishana ask Jaambavan as to why he is inquiring about Hanuman instead of Sri Rama the Lord or Lakshmana his brother. The reply is as illuminating   as it can be:

"If Hanuman is alive we are all sure to be saved. But, if he is no more, we are as good as dead even if we are alive".

That then is the importance of Hanuman.

Praise for Hanuman comes straight from the depths of his heart as Rama says:"What any other man cannot think of or even conceive this Hanuman has actually performed for me!"

Sita concurs with Rama. When Rama asks her to give the garland of pearls the one who has all the qualities described,

"Give it to him in whom these qualities shine ...” she presents the garland of pearls to Hanuman.

When the time came to take leave, Hanuman says, "0' Rama! Please bless me so that my affection for you never diminishes. Do not allow me to think of anything else or divide my attention between you and any other person. I want to live as long as your great name flourishes amidst humanity. Let me be, for ever and ever, your humble devotee." Sri Rama says:

"As long as my story is told and retold amongst men, so long shall your kirti (fame) form part of it."

And so it is!!

Om Tat Sat