Saundaryalahari !!

II సౌందర్యలహరి II

II सौंदर्यलहरि II

|| సౌందర్యలహరి ||
|| सौंदर्यलहरि ||

SivaH SaktyAyuktO yadi Bavati SaktaH praBavitum
na cEdEvaM dEvO na Kalu kuSalaH spaMditumapi |
atastvm ArAdhyAM hari hara viriMcAdiBi rapi
praNaMtuM stOtuM vA kathamakRutapuNyaH praBavati ||

Lord Shiva, only becomes able.
to do creation in this world.
along with Shakthi
without her,
even an inch he cannot move,
And so how can, one who does not do good deeds,
or one who does not sing your praise,
become adequate to worship you
Oh , Goddess mine,
who is worshipped by the trinity,
(Hari Hara Virinchaadibhirapi)

The english translation of the sloka may sound stilted if you are not familiar with the modes translating Sanskrit to English ! Effectively the prayer is saying that ' even Lord Siva is incapable to moving an inch without the support of Shakthi who is object of prayer for even for 'Hari Hara etc .

And it goes on to refer to those offering prayers saying " even for performing prayer to you or hearing your praise , one must have earned lots of good karma if not one would not even have been able to pray to you !!"

That is simply a way of acknowledging being humble !!

om tat sat