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Kasarabada Scholars Scheme

Athato Foundation , a Kasarabada Trust has instituted the following scheme to support student scholars herein after referred to as Kasarabada Scholars. The Scheme is applicable for a very limited number of Scholars supported by the Foundation within its means at the selected institutions

1 Athato foundation , herein after referred to as the Foundation plans to support the education of merit oriented students with due consideration to the needs. The support is by way of a scholarship, the amount depending the course of study. The scholars supported are called Kasarabada Scholars. The Foundation hope to support atleast 25 Kasarabada Scholars ( As on date the number of Scholars supported is 12)

2 The scholarship support scheme operates in association with selected institution or college or high School. Specific to selected colleges offering engineering degree course this will be a four-year support scheme subject to satisfactory academic progress as recommended by the institution or college . For the three year degree program it will be three year support scheme subject to satisfactory progress as recommended by the College. For the 11th and 12th class programs it is just a two year scholarship based on merit.

3 Award :

The scheme proposes a monthly scholarships at various levels for the academic calendar of nine months.
(i) Rs 2000 per month for the four year Graduate Engineering course.
(ii) Rs 750 per month for three year Bachelor Degree course in sciences.
(iii) Rs 250 per month for the 11th and12th class students.

Continuation of the scholarship for the subsequent years is based on academic progress of the student and the recommendation of the institution

3 Selection of Scholars:

The following is only a guideline and selection mode may be amended to suit the convenience of the participating institution.

(i)  A student gets selected on the basis of merit in the year of joining.

(ii) The selected student scholarship continues in the next year subject to his academic progress and maintaining merit as recommended by the college/department

(iii) The scholarship support for a student ends with the completion of the academic program in that institution/college/school.

4 About the Foundation , the Associated Institution & the Scholarships:

(i)This is a long term relationship with the associated  institution.

(ii) The associated Institution/college/school is responsible for selection and management of the scholars including continuation for the subsequent year

(iii) The associated institution would intimate the foundation about the scholars selected at the beginning of the academic year. The foundation will confirm the award of scholarships for that academic year within 15 days of such intimation and will issue letters of award. The foundation will also initiate steps for disbursement of scholarship amounts within 30 days.

(iv)The scheme with the institution would continue unless there are unforeseen conditions which makes such continuation not possible. Any such eventuality will be the decision of the Trustees.

(v) The institution does not have any financial obligations to the students.

(vi) At any given time the finical commitment to the scholar is limited to that academic year only.

6 About the scholars and the scholarship : 

The Foundation would like to create an awareness among the scholars of honesty integrity and scholarship. Also make them aware of giving and sharing. As part of the scheme we would like the recipient scholar ( of degree courses ) to help the Foundation to support one more student for a similar amount. This will be part of the letter of awarding scholarship. 

7 The paragraphs as above constitute the summary of the scheme. This is subject to modifications for operational convenience of the Institutions associated with this process.

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