Govt higher Primary School , Chikkadevasandra

Athato Foundation

Athato Foundation works with Govt higher Primary School in Chikkadevasandra in Krishnaraja Puram

1 Govt upper Primary School , Chikkadevasandra, KRPuram, Bangalore 560036



Govt higher Primary School in Chikkadevasandra has classes up to 8th standard. It has nearly 300 students and eight teachers including a teacher for computer . Some of the snaps of the school with very little playing field are presented.

They now have library accommodating half the class while the other half of the class works in computer lab. To that extent as part of our first effort Athato Foundation has provided four tables(4) and twenty four chairs (24) as basic library infrastructure and also provided about 100 books as per the list provided by the schools themselves. But they can do with more including small item such as more copy writing books as one of the teachers pointed out

Health and hygiene and creating more greenery would go a long way towards enhancing school environment

The head master can be reached by mail:

The Head master , Sarkari Hiriya Pradhamika Pathasale, Chikkadevasandra, Krishnaraja pura Cluster, Bangalore South Circle 4, Bangalore 560036.

.Athato Foundation will be pleased to provide any help. Those interested in supporting this effort, please contact ""









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