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This edition includes updates to the Bhagavatam and Ramayanam sections.

Ramayanam section continues with “In praise of Hanuman – Hanumastuti Part 2 “, completing the two part Hanumastuti.

The Bhagavatam continues with Chapter 2 of Dasama Skandha. Chapter 2 is the prelude to the birth of Krishna. This chapter has a hymn of Brahma in praise of MahaVishnu. The one Sloka in chapter 2, which is the most quoted, most interesting and illuminating, is the Sloka where in Brahma hails MahaVishnu as the personification of Truth. The Sloka has the word Truth ( “Satya”) recurring nine times . This Sloka is presented at the beginning of the chapter two narrative. The Brahmas hymn is also presented separately.

This time lines from Bhartruhari find their way into the column –“One more thing “. When there is happiness , it does not matter one is rich or poor.

Om Tat Sat

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