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Balakanda- Sarga 77 !!!

Welcome to Ramayanam page !

As stated elsewhere Ramayan is an epic that was told and retold a million times. We will not be telling anything that is not known. We are like children playing at the beach in front of a big ocean that is Ramayan. Our thoughts on this are elaborated a little more under the tittle " An Introduction to our Ramayanam pages". We will in all sincerity bring in pages from Ramayan which gave us immense pleasure for the reading pleasure of our readers !.

As part of Ramayan pages earlier we have brought Sundarakanda Sargas covering few selected slokas. Presently we are bringing Sargas from Balakanda.

Ramayanam page hosts all stories from Ramayanam brought out by !! Over the five years the number of stories added resulted in several special pages. Some of major pages are :

Sundarakanda, in an abridged form

Sundarakanda Slokas: covers all Sundarakanda Slokas for Parayana.

Sundarakanda Slokas with Prose order & Translation- on going.


Role models from Ramayanam

Vijayraghavrao gari Sundarakanda in Telugu

Sundarakanda Slokas with Prose order & Translation - new

We have the Sankshipta Ramayanam from Balakanda in English , Telugu and Sanskrit.

Sundarakanda is indeed the heart of the Ramayanam page!! Sundarakanda was brought up on a weekly basis over a 68 week period ending October 2013. Now all of this is put together under a single page Sundarakanda . We welcome you to visit that page. A cryptic summary of complete Sundarakanda with links to each chapter is available on this page itself ! It is also available on the Sundarakanda page. This has Sanskrit and Telugu pages

Role models from Ramayanam:. This is a Turaga contribution. Started with a chat on Rama as a role model and expanded to cover ,The Message of Ramayana , Srirama , Sita , Hanuman, Jataayu , Sabari , Bharata , Lakshmana. These are all brought under one page for easy reference.

Vijayraghavrao gari Sundarakanda in Telugu :is yet another contribution . This is a free flowing Telugu poem , following Valmiki Sundarakanda . This is called Samkshipta Sundarakanda version it does not cover Sundarakanda chapter wise. It is in a beautiful free flowing Telugu and is for those familiar with Telugu.

There are other pages like

Sankshipta Ramayan: The complete Ramayan told in a hundred verses

Sri Rama Jananam / Birth of SriRama

Sri Sita Rama kalyanam : The marriage of Rama & Sita.

SriRama Pattabhishekam: Coronation of Srirama.

Aditya Hrudayam

There are other articles like Going to Forests , In the Thick of Battle , In Praise of Hanuman Pt.. 2 , In Praise of Hanuman Pt. 1 , Valmiki Sundarakanda . The Message of Ramayana , have appeared at different times. These are also listed on this page.

Presently the Ramayana is continuing with Sundarakanda where in weekly oneor two chapter are being presented.

These are for your reading pleasure.

om tat sat !