||Sundarakanda ||

|| Sarga 16||(Summary in English)


||om tat sat||
प्रशस्य तु प्रशस्तव्यां सीतां तां हरिपुङ्गवः |
गुणाभिरामं रामं च पुनः चिंतापरोsभवत् ||1||
स॥ हरिपुङ्गवः प्रशस्तव्यं तां सीतां प्रशस्य गुणाभिरामं रामं च ( प्रशस्य) पुनः चिंतापरः अभवत् ॥
The best among Vanaras having praised the praise worthy Sita as well as Rama with embellished virtues, then started thinking again.

Sarga 16

The best among Vanaras having praised the praise worthy Sita as well as Rama with embellished virtues, then started thinking again.

Having meditated for a moment Hanuman started lamenting about Sita, with his eyes filled with tears. 'If Sita worshipped by well-trained Lakshmana, and loved by elders is drenched in sorrows then it is indeed impossible to overcome time. Knowing the prowess of Rama and Lakshmana's might, Sita is not agitated like Ganga seeing the rain bearing clouds. Equal in character, age, and behavior, perfect match in birth and auspicious marks Raghava deserves Sita. That black eyed one too deserves him'.

Seeing Sita shining like gold, like the riches themselves , Hanuman reached Rama in his thoughts. Then he said the following. 'For the sake of this large eyed lady the powerful Vali was killed. Kabandha who is equal in prowess to Ravana was slain too. The fearsome warrior Viradha was killed in a war in the forest, like Sambara killed by Mahendra. In Janasthana with arrows equal to flames of fire, fourteen thousand fearsome Rakshasas were killed. Khara was killed in a war by the powerful Rama who is a realized self. Trisira was slain too and so was Dushana. Because of her Sugriva got the difficult to obtain supremacy of the world ruled by Vali. The Vanaras too obtained prosperity'.

'For this large eyed lady, the Lord of rivers rivulets namely Sagara, the ocean has been crossed by me. This city was surveyed too by me. For her sake if Rama turns upside down the lands stretching to the ocean or the whole world, it is appropriate I think. Given the sovereignty of the three worlds or Sita, the three worlds kingdom will not measure up to even one sixteenth of her'.

'Daughter of King Janaka, a great soul and a follower of right conduct, Sita is a lady of unswerving devotion to her Husband. She has risen up breaking the field tilled by the plough covered with dust particles of paddy, the dust resembling the pollen dust of the lotus. This celebrated lady is the elder daughter-in-law of King Dasaratha a man of right conduct, a person who never turned away from battles ( without victory)'.

'This Sita, wife of righteous, ever grateful Rama has fallen under the control of Rakshasa women. Having given up all comforts, committed to the love of her husband, not thinking of any concerns she entered the forest uninhabited by people. She is happy with fruits and roots and delighted in serving her husband. She lived happily in the forest as if she was in palace. This lady of golden complexion ever smiling with her speech, never having experienced calamities she is tolerating all the agony. Raghava deserves to see this highly virtuous lady troubled by Ravana like a thirsty man waiting to see a source of water'.

'Raghava after getting her will be delighted like a king regaining a lost kingdom. This lady having forsaken all comforts, separated from her near and dear, is holding her life only with the hope of meeting them again. This lady does not see the Rakshasas. Neither does she see the fruit and flower laden trees. Surely with single minded focus she is thinking of Rama only. Husband is the ornament of ornaments. Without that ornament in the form of husband, even if she deserves to wear other ornaments she does not shine. By sustaining himself without her and not being despondent Rama is performing a difficult task. Seeing this sorrowing dark haired lady, endowed with eyes resembling a lotus of hundred petals, though she deserves to be happy, my mind is also worried'.

'Tolerant like mother earth, the lotus eyed lady who was protected by both Rama and Lakshmana is now guarded by Rakshasa women of hideous appearance sitting under a tree. Having lost lustre like a lotus afflicted by snow, afflicted by continuous appearance of sorrows, the daughter of Janka, is in a pitiable condition like the female Chakravaka bird separated from her companion'.

'The topmost branches of Ashoka tree loaded with blossoms with the onset of spring which are bending down and the thousand rayed Sun and moon are generating intense sorrow instead of happiness.'

Thus the strong, the bull among Vanaras in search of his object, thinking in his mind concluded that she is Sita.

||om tat sat||
इत्येव मर्थं कपिरन्ववेक्ष्य
सीतेय मित्येवविनिष्ट बुद्धिः।
संश्रित्य तस्मिन् निषसाद वृक्षे
बली हरीणां वृषभस्तरस्वी॥32||
स॥ इति एवं बली हरीणां वृषभः कपिः अर्थं ( सीतां) अन्वेक्ष्य इयं सीता इति एव विनिष्टबुद्धिः तस्मिन् वृक्षे संश्रित्य निषसाद॥
Thus the strong, the bull among Vanaras in search of his object , thinking in his mind concluded that she is Sita
||om tat sat||