Hanuman Chalisa - Tulsidas !

From this week we are starting Sundarakanda ; the 68 cantos will be completed in 68 weeks; As per tradition we are to start with a prayer when you start a new venture and we chose Hanuman chalisa as a form of prayer before starting Sundarakanda !!



With a serene mind and purified by the dust of lotus feet of Guru , I now proceed to describe the unblemished glory of Hanuman , the most exalted one of Raghu's family who is capable of bestowing the fruits of life on all.

Knowing that I am ignorant , Oh son of wind God I pray to you to bless me with Strength , wisdom, and discriminating knowledge and banish all my sorrows.

Victory to Hanuman who is an ocean of Knowledge and virtues , Victory to the Lord of Monkeys who is known in all the three worlds. You are the messenger of Lord Rama who is an abode of incomparable strength ,you are the son of Anjana and known as son of Vayu.

With a body strong as a diamond , you are a warrior of incomparable valor and remover of wicked thoughts , please grant me the company of the wise. Your golden complexion shines even more in the clothes you are wearing and the glittering earrings.

you have Vajrayudha in one hand and flag in the other and the sacred thread made of munja grass you are wearing acts as a decoration. You are the incarnation of Shiva and son of Kesari . Every one respects you because of your luster and valor.

Well versed in all Sastras , and full of virtues you are highly intelligent. You are ever ready to carry out the missions of Sri Rama. Taking delight in listening to the glories of Sri Rama, you have Sri Rama , Lakshmana and Sita residing in your heart.

You assumed a subtle small form when you revealed your self to Mother Sita , assuming a fierce form you burnt down Lanka, and destroyed the Rakshasas assuming a dreadful form. You accomplished the mission of SriRama.

Fetched Sanjivini to revive Lakshmana and made Sri Rama happily embrace you. Sri Rama praised you very highly saying “ You are as dear to me as my brother Bharata . “

Embracing you Sri Rama said “Even Sesha the thousand hooded serpent sings your glory”. The great sages like Saunaka and gods like Brahma , Narada and goddess Sharada , Yama the god of Death , Kubera the god of wealth , the regents of the eight directions , poets and scholars have not been able to praise you adequately

You helped Sugriva by making him meet Sri Rama and regain his kingdom. Vibhishanaheeded your advice and every body knows that became the King of Lanka.

You leaped quite easily at the sun thousands of Yojanas away thinking him to be sweet fruit .Holding Sri Rama's ring in your mouth you flew over the ocean which is no wonder.

By your grace even the most difficult tasks become easy to accomplish. You guard the door of Rama's palace and none dare to enter without your permission. All those who seek refugee in you enjoy every kind of happiness . Why should anyone be afraid of anything when you are there to protect !. You alone are capable of controlling your power. All the three worlds tremble when you roar.

Evil spirits dare not go near a person on hearing the name of the great warrior being repeated. All the ailments and the sorrows vanish when your name is repeated continuously .Those who worship him with sincerity and faith , Sri Hanuman helps them overcome sorrows. You carried out all the missions of Sri Rama who is supreme Yogi ruling over every one.

You bless everyone who seeks your grace and grant him in large measure in large measure all he wants and also grant him the full fruits of life. Your glory radiates through all the four Yugas and your fame shines every where in the Universe.

Janaki mata bestowed on you the boon that you may grant the eight siddhis and the nine forms of wealth .The elixir of devotion to Sri Rama is with you who always stays at the feet of Sri Rama as his servant .

Singing your praises makes Lord Rama bless that person and makes one forget all miseries of previous births . At the end of ones life when one goes to the abode of Sri Rama such a person is deemed to have been born as a devotee of Lord Hari Even though a devotee does not bring to his memory any deity other than Hanuman ,he will certainly enjoy all happiness. All miseries and torments vanish when one remembers the brave Hanuman

Victory , Victory, Victory to you .O Hanuman Bless us with your grace as our preceptor. One who recites this a hundred times is released from Bondage. One who read Hanuman chalisa will accomplish his Goals to which lord Shiva is a witness. O Hanuman I, Tulsidasam always the servant of lord Rama and I pray that you make your permanent residence in my heart

Oh King of Gods and Son of Vayu, destroyer of all misery , you are a symbol of auspiciousness. Along with Sri Rama , Lakshmana and Sita please reside in my heart .

Om tat sat