||Sundarakanda ||

|| Sarga 17||(Summary in English)


||om tat sat||
ततः कुमुदषंडाबो निर्मलो निर्मलं स्वयं।
प्रजगाम नभश्चंद्रो हंसो नीलमिवोदकम्॥1||
स॥ ततः कुमुदषंडाभः स्वयं निर्मलः चंद्रः निर्मलं नभः जगाम यथा हंसः नीलं उदकं इव॥
Then the blemish less Moon being himself clear shining like bed of lilies rose up in the clear skies like a swan swimming through blue waters.

Sarga 17

Then the blemish less Moon being himself clear, shining like bed of lilies, rose up in the clear skies like a swan swimming through blue waters.

The moon was spreading clear light as if with his clear light and cool rays he wanted to serve the son of wind god.

Then Hanuman looked at Sita whose face is like the full moon, who is carrying heavy burden of sorrow, much like a heavy boat in water.

Hanuman who was looking at Vaidehi, also saw Rakshasa women of dreadful appearance not too far from there.

He saw Rakshasa women with one ear, with ears covering the body, without ears or with pointed ears, and those breathing through the nose on their head.

He saw Rakshasa women having thin and long neck, Rakshasis whose hair has been scattered, Rakshasis with no hair, Rakshasa women with hair blanketing all over.

He saw some Rakshasa women with ears hanging form the forehead. Some had drooping stomachs. Some had drooping breasts. Some had drooping big lips. Some had lips extending up to chin. Some had long faces and some had long knees.

Some are short. Some are tall. Some are like hunchbacks. Some have ugly looks.
Some are dwarfs. Some have gaping mouths and some have distorted faces. Some have brown eyes. Some have distorted eyes. Some have distorted form. Some are of brown color. Some are black. Some are angry looking. Some are quarrelsome. Some are holding spears, mallets and hammers. Some have the face of a boar, deer, buffalo, jackal. Some have feet like an elephant, camel, or horse. Others had head shrunk on to the trunk.

He saw some Rakshasa women with one hand. Some had one leg. Some have the ears of a donkey. Some had ears of a horse. Some had the ears of a cow. Some had ears of an elephant and others had ears like that of a monkey. Some without nose. Some are with a big nose. Some are with a crooked nose. Some are with a nose without nostrils.
Some are with a nose like that of an elephant and some are with a nose on the forehead,

Some are with the feet of an elephant. Some are with huge feet. Some are with the feet of a cow. Some with hair grown on the feet, Some have a huge head and neck, Some have huge breasts and stomachs. Some have huge mouths and eyes. Some have long tongues, similarly long nails. And some had the face of a goat. Some have the face of an elephant and yet some others are had the face of a pig. Some have the face of a horse, camel or a donkey.

Some are with a terrifying form. Some were holding tridents and crow bars in their hands. Some are looking angry and some are looking ready for a quarrel. Some have gaping mouths. Some have smoke colored hair. Some have hideous faces. Some were always drinking. Hanuman saw some Rakshasis who love meat and drinks.

He also saw some others whose bodies were smeared with flesh and blood, some who feed on flesh and blood, some whose look causes horripilation, and some seated around the massive trunk of the tree.

The richly endowed Hanuman saw the daughter of Janaka, the blameless princess Sita sitting under that tree. The lady shorn of luster, drenched in sorrow, disheveled and dusty was looking like a star having lost merits and fallen on the earth.

Hanuman saw the lady having a high history for her chastity, longing for seeing her husband, devoid of excellent ornaments, ornamented with husbands love.

Separated from her people and under the control of the king of demons, she was like an elephant separated from the herd, fettered and surrounded by lions.

She was like the crescent moon covered by autumnal clouds at the end of rainy season, being untouched with a faint form like an unused lute.

Hanuman saw Sita who is appropriate under her husband and inappropriate under the vigil of Rakshasa women, who is in the middle of the Ashoka grove drowning under a sea of sorrows.

Surrounded by those Rakshasa women she was looking like Rohini surrounded by planets. She was looking like creeper without blossoms. Smeared with dirt though her body looked decorated, she looked like the lotus fiber of a lotus smeared with bud shining yet not shining too.

Hanuman saw the fawn eyed lady covered with soiled and crushed clothes. He saw Sita with a face showing pathos, but not dejected by virtue of her husband's prowess. He saw the lady with black eyes, protected by her own noble character.

Seeing Sita who has eyes like that a fawn, Hanuman thought she was looking frightened like a female deer looking all around. It looked like she is burning the blossoms of the trees with her hot breaths. She was looking like a mass of sorrow and like a rising wave of sorrow.

Seeing Maithili the tolerant lady, with shining limbs, shining through she is devoid of ornaments, Hanuman felt immeasurable joy. Seeing the lady with intoxicating eyes Hanuman shed tears of joy. He paid obeisance to Rama too.

Delighted on being able to see Sita, having paid obeisance to Rama and Lakshmana
Hanuman covered himself (in the tree).

Thus ends Sarga seventeen of Sundarakanda in Ramayana the first ever poem in Sanskrit composed the first poet Sage Valmiki.
||om tat sat||
नमस्कृत्वाच रामाय लक्ष्मणाय च वीर्यवान्।
सीतादर्शनसंहृष्टो हनुमान् संवृतोsभवत्॥32||
स॥ सीता दर्शन संहृष्टः वीर्यवान् रामाय लक्ष्मणाय च नमस्कृत्वा हनुमान् संवृतो अभवत् ॥
Delighted on being able to see Sita, having paid obeisance to Rama and Lakshmana Hanuman covered himself (in the tree).
||om tat sat||