||Sundarakanda ||

|| Sarga 22||(Summary in English)


||om tat sat||
इत्युक्त्वा मैथिलीं राजा रावणः शत्रु रावणः।
संदिश्य च ततः सर्वा राक्षसीर्निर्जगाम ह॥1||
स॥ मैधिलीं इत्युक्त्वा रावणाः शत्रु रावणः ततः सर्वान् राक्षसीः संदिश्य च ततः राजा निर्जगाम॥
Thus having told Maithili, Ravana, the tormentor of enemies, commanded all the Rakshasa women too and then left ( for his palace).

Sarga 23

Thus, having told Maithili that she has a time limit of two months to make up her mind, and then commanding the Rakshasa women guarding her to use all their powers of persuasion, Ravana, the tormentor of enemies, left for his palace.

After the king of Rakshasas left for the inner harem, the fearsome Rakshasa women surrounded Sita to persuade her to accept Ravana. They approached Sita with words of anger as well as persuasion. 'Oh Sita! Don't you think that it is a privilege to be the wife of the great soul, son of Pulastya, the ten headed Ravana'.

Then one Rakshasi by name Ekajataa, told slender waisted Sita about Ravana's lineage which is illustrious. She told Sita, ' Pulastya, the fourth among six Prajapatis, is known as the son born out of mind of Brahma. The glorious Pulastya's son born out of mind, equal in splendor to Prajapatis is the great Rishi Visrava. Oh wide eyed one! Ravana, the tormentor of enemies is his son. You deserve to be his wife. Oh lady of beautiful limbs! Why do you not follow the words spoken by me?'

Then a cat eyed Rakshasi by name Harijata who wanted to highlight Ravana's strength said the following words. 'You deserve to be the wife of that king of Rakshasas, who defeated thirty three crore gods including the king of Devas'.

Then a Rakshasi, who lost her senses in anger, spoke these terrible words deriding Sita.' Why are you not wishing to be the wife of the mighty valiant one, who never retreats in battle. The most powerful Ravana rejecting all the highly respectable ladies including his dear favorite lady, is desiring you. Ravana abandoning thousand wives in his harem provided with all kinds of gems, is desiring you'.

Then a Rakshasi by name Vikata said, ' He, who has often defeated Devas, Nagas, Gandharvas, Danavas in battle wants to be by your side. Oh Foolish woman! Why do you not wish to be the wife of the great soul Ravana who has abundance of wealth?'

Then a Rakshasi by name Durmukhi spoke the following words' Lady of long side glances! Why don't you stand by that one, afraid of whom the Sun does not shine brightly and the wind does not blow? Oh Lady with beautiful eyebrows! Why not you make up your mind to be the wife of Ravana, the king of kings, king of Southwest, afraid of whom the trees shower flowers, the mountains and clouds release water? Oh Lady with a gentle smile! Accept these words spoken truly in your interest, otherwise you will not be alive'.

Thus, the Rakshasa women tried to persuade Sita to accept Ravana as her consort.

Thus ends the twenty third Sarga of Sundarakanda in Ramayana the first poem in Sanskrit composed by the first poet sage Valmiki

||om tat sat||

साधुते तत्त्वतो देवि कथितं साधु भामिनि॥21||
गृहाण सुस्मिते वाक्यं अन्यथा न भविष्यसि।
स॥ सुस्मिते भामिनि देवि तत्त्वतः साधु ते कथितं वाक्यं गृहाण अन्यथा न भविष्यसि ॥
Oh Lady with gentle smile! Accept these words spoken truly in your interest, otherwise you will not be alive.
||om tat sat||