||Sundarakanda ||

|| Sarga 47(Summary in English)


||om tat sat||
सेनापतीन् पंच स तु प्रमापितान् हनुमता सानुचरान् सवाहनान्।
समीक्ष्य राजा समरोद्धतोन्मुखं कुमारमक्षं प्रसमैक्षताग्रतः॥1||
स॥पंच सेनापतीन् स अनुचरान् स वाहनान् प्रमापितान् समीक्ष्य राजा समरोद्धतः उन्मुखं कुमारं अक्षं अग्रतः प्रसमैक्षत॥
Seeing that the five generals along with the followers and their vehicles were destroyed, the king's eyes fell on the prince Aksha who is in the front and who is excited to take up the battle.

Sarga 47

Seeing that the five generals along with the followers and their vehicles were destroyed, Ravana's eyes fell on the prince Aksha who is in the front and who is excited to take up the battle.

Then spurred by the glance of the king the glorious hero, Aksha holding a marvelous bow inlaid with gold, sprang up in that royal assembly like the fire kindled by the reputed Brahmins. Then Aksha, a bull among giants, splendid like the Sun in his infancy, having ascended a chariot glittering like piece of pure gold, marched towards the great Vanara.

That chariot gained by austerities of highest order, overlaid with pure gold armor, fitted with flags and staff studded with precious gems, was yoked with eight best horses having the speed of mind. The chariot which was unassailable by Suras and Asuras alike, moved without touching the ground, with the splendor of the Sun, and could fly in the sky. It is equipped with quivers, eight swords, javelins, and clubs placed in order and in the right place.

Then Aksha who is equal to gods in courage, wearing a golden garland, bright like Sun and Moon, equipped with all weapons, glowing and shining like the Sun, ascended the chariot and moved. Along with army and with the sounds of horses, elephants and the chariot filling the sky, the earth and the mountains, he reached the very capable Vanara seated on the archway.

Aksha, who had the eyes like that of a lion, saw the Vanara who appeared like the fire at the time of dissolution. Astonished and awe struck, he looked at Hanuma with great respect. The powerful son of the king, judging the speed and prowess of the Vanara and his own strength, began to grow like the Sun at the end of the winter. He became angry, recognizing Hanuman who is irresistible in war, steady, valorous. He attacked Hanuma with sharp arrows to his head in the battle. Then the prince Aksha with pride, intent on conquering the enemies, holding the bow and arrows in his hand, looked at Hanuman who conquered the tiresomeness, nd he reflected in his mind.

The energetic hero wearing golden armlets and ear rings reached the Vanara for the battle. Their unmatched battle has all the Suras and Asuras looking in awe. Seeing the battle of the Vanara and the prince the earth shook. The Sun did not shine. The wind did not move. The unmovable shook. The sky and the oceans felt agitated.

The Prince Aksha good at targeting and releasing with good concentration, struck the Vanara on the head with three good looking golden shafted winged arrows, which were smeared with poison, like serpents. Simultaneously shot at the head by those arrows, Hanuma's eyes were wetted by the flowing red blood. He was looking like a newly risen Sun. The arrows appeared like his rays. Garlanded with rays he glowed like the Sun.

Hanuman, the esteemed minister of the coppery eyed Sugriva, seeing the prince holding many splendid weapons, rejoiced and made necessary preparations ready for the battle. Like the one sitting on the mount Mandara, endowed with strength and valor, his anger increased. He looked at the prince along with his army and the vehicles. And it seemed like the fiery rays emerging from his eyes were burning them away. Then Aksha endowed with a quiver and wonderful bow began to rapidly rain a shower of arrows on Hanuman who was like a mountain. It was like the rainy clouds releasing the rain on the mountains.

Then Hanuman showing fierce valor endowed with excessive splendor , power and energy , seeing the prince Aksha who had valor equal to a cloud happily roared. Young Aksha proud of his valor, with eyes red with anger rushed towards the matchless Hanuman like an elephant, not noticing a huge pit covered with grass, set up for a fall.

Struck by the arrows released by the prince Aksha, Hanuman roared violently like a thundering cloud, and leaped to the sky putting up a fierce appearance stretching his arms and legs. The powerful leader of the Rakshasas, the best warrior mounted on a chariot, went chasing Hanuman showering arrows on him like a cloud showering hailstones on a mountain.

That Vanara who has the speed of mind, who had terrific valor in battle, moved about in the sky like wind dodging his arrows while allowing them to be released. The son of wind god with admiring looks saw Aksha facing the battle holding the quiver with arrows and best of missiles, spreading in the sky, and started thinking.

Then the Vanara with strong arms, who knew the propriety of special actions, having his arms injured by the young prince, roaring in the battle started thinking. 'This mighty hero radiant as the young rising Sun, belying his age performs like a great one. He knows all means of fighting and my mind does not move towards cutting him down to size'.

'He is a great self. His valor is great. Focused in a fight he is highly tolerant. Without a doubt for his actions this hero is saluted by the Nagas, Yakshas and the sages. His mental horizon expanding with valor and power, standing before me, he dares to look into my eyes. Swift warrior, his valor will shake the minds of even Suras and Asuras'.

'This man is no to be disregarded. He will not overtake me surely in the battle. But his valor is increasing. Killing him now is proper. A spreading fire cannot be neglected'. The heroic and mighty Vanara while thinking on the enemy's speed and his own course of action, then increased his speed and made up his mind to kill him.

Attended by the Vayu, Vanara, the hero and son of wind god then hit the eight horses which are endowed with high speed, which are stable in turning around, and which could carry heavy loads. Then again with his palm, the minister of the coppery eyed Vanara king, hit his great chariot. With the interior seat broken and the wooden structure broken, and the horses killed, the chariot fell down on the ground.

With bow in his hand and holding a sword, leaving his chariot, the great chariot warrior flew into the sky, like the sages with the power of penance climb the abode of Maruta leaving their body. Then the Vanara, who is equal to wind in prowess, while flying in the abode of Garudas Siddhas and Vayu, reached Aksha while flying and gradually caught his both feet firmly. The best of Vanaras, with prowess equal to his father, seized him just like the king of birds catches the serpents. Spinning him a thousand times and hitting him, Hanuma dropped him speedily on the ground. That Rakshasa with dislocated joints, with broken arms, thighs, hips and neck, with his eyes and bones protruded, with dripping blood, and the tendons strewn was killed by the son of wind god and fell on the ground. The great Vanara throwing him down onto the ground, the king of Rakshasas was struck with fear. With the prince killed, those who make rounds in sky, the sages who take great vows, the Yakshas, Pannagas, all beings including Indra collecting together were seeing the great Vanara with awe.

The hero with blood shot eyes like the son of Indra, having killed that Aksha went back to the archway determined like the god of death to destroy all beings.

Thus ends Sarga forty seven of Sundarakanda in Ramayana the first ever poem composed in Sanskrit by the first poet sage Valmiki

||om tat sat||
निहत्य तं वज्रिसुतोपमप्रभं कुमारमक्षं क्षतजोपमेक्षणम्॥38||
तमेव वीरोभि जगाम तोरणं कृतः क्षणः काल इवा प्रजाक्षये॥ 39||
वीरः वज्रिसुतोपमप्रभं क्षतजोपमेक्षणं तं अक्षं निहत्य प्रजाक्षये कृतक्षणः कालः इव तं तोरणमेव अभिजगाम॥
The hero with blood shot eyes like the son of Indra, having killed that Aksha went back to the archway determined like the god of death to destroy all beings.
||om tat sat||