||Sundarakanda ||

|| Sarga 56 (Summary in English)


|| om tat sat||
ततस्तु शिंशुपामूले जानकीं पर्युपस्थिताम्।
अभिवाद्याब्रवीदिष्ट्या पश्यामि त्वामिहाक्षताम्॥1||
स॥ ततः शिंशुपामूले पर्युपस्थितां जानकीं अभिवाद्य ब्रवीत् । दिष्ट्या त्वां अक्षतां इह पश्यामि॥
Then offering salutations to Sita sitting under the Simsupa tree, he said, 'Luckily I am seeing you unharmed'.

Sarga 56

Then offering salutations to Sita sitting under the Simsupa tree, Hanuma said,' Luckily I am seeing you unharmed'.

Then seeing Hanuman who is all set to go, Sita spoke words showing her love to her husband. 'For this mission to be accomplished, surely you alone are capable. With this you attain fame and strength. If the slayer of enemy forces, Kakutstha, takes me back creating distress all over Lanka with his arrows, that will be worthy of him. You act in a way that is worthy of him, who is chivalrous in battle, who is a great soul'.

Hanuman hearing those properly inclined, meaningful words supported with reason, spoke in response.

'Kakutstha will come quickly along with Vanara chiefs. He, having won the enemies in the battle, will remove your sorrow'. Thus having assured Vaidehi, Hanuman the son of wind god, having made up his mind to go offered salutations to Vaidehi. Then the tiger among Vanaras and crusher of foes, eager for meeting the Lord ascended Arishta, the best of mountains.

The mountain was having forest ranges full of tall Padmaka trees and the dark ones. The clouds hanging between peaks looked like an upper garment. The auspicious Sun rays were as though affectionately waking up the mountain. The minerals pushed up by the wind were like eyes that are opening up. The loud sounds of gurgling waters were like reciting mantras with specific sounds. The different kinds of sounds of water falls were as though the mountain was singing. The tall Devadarus were like one standing with the arms raised. The sounds of water falls all over were like reverberations. The mountain appeared trembling with dark clouds of autumn. The hollow bamboos hit by the winds made sweet noises like bamboo flutes. The mountain sounds were like the hissing sounds of dreadful poisonous snakes. The caves majestically covered with mist were as though meditating. The ranges of foothills appearing like feet of the clouds and the peaks like garlands of clouds, it made one look like yawning. With many kinds of caves and mountain peaks it was delightful. It was covered with many Sala, Tala, and Aswakarna trees, as well as bamboos and reeds. It was spread with creepers filled with flowers and there were herds of many types of animals. The mountain was decorated with colorful minerals dropping down. With many waterfalls with heaps of rocks making the flow of water difficult, it was inhabited by sages, Yakshas, Gandharvas, Kinnaras and Nagas. With clusters of creepers and trees, trees bearing tasty fruits and roots, caves inhabited by lions were scattered all over.

Hanuman, the son of wind god, with joy and anxious to see Rama soon, ascended the mountain happily. The rocks on beautiful mountain ranges crushed under Hanuman's feet, making a loud noise rolled down reduced to powder. The great Vanara wishing to cross the ocean from the southern tip to northern shore having climbed the mountain grew in size. Then the heroic son of wind god having climbed the mountain saw the fearsome ocean inhabited by fishes and snakes.

The son of wind god, tiger among the Vanaras, leaped in to the sky from the south towards north like wind god. Then pressured by the Vanara the best of mountains entered the earth along with all creatures, with its mountain tops shaken and trees falling making great sound. Shaken by the force of his thighs, the blossoming trees fell on the ground like sick people struck down by Indra's thunderbolt. The terrific roar of lions residing in those crushed caves was heard cracking the sky. The Vidyadharas who were afraid, with their clothes slipped in fear with ornaments disarrayed at once flew from the mountain. Strong and highly poisonous snakes huge in size with glowing tongues were pressed on their heads and necks by Hanuman taking a leap. Then the Kinnaras, Gandharvas, Yakshas, Vidyadharas left the mountain so pressured and occupied the sky. Pushed down by the powerful one, the mountain along with the trees and its peaks sank into the underworld.

Ten Yojana wide and thirty yojana high that mountain was levelled to ground.

The Vanara, desiring to cross the ocean of salt water with huge waves dashing towards the shore, leaped into the sky.

Thus ends the fifty sixth Sarga of Sundarakanda in Ramayana the first poem ever composed in Sanskrit by the first poet sage Valmiki.

|| om tat sat||
स लिलिंग यिषुर्भीमं सलीलं लवणार्णवम्॥34||
कल्लोलास्फाल वेलान्त मुत्पपात नभो हरिः॥35||
स॥ स हरिः भीमं कल्लोलास्फालवेलां तं लवणार्णवम् सलीलं लिलिंघयिषुः नभः उत्पपात॥
The Vanara, desiring to cross the ocean of salt water with huge waves dashing towards the shore, leaped into the sky.
|| om tat sat||