||Sundarakanda ||

|| Sarga 64|| (Summary in English)


|| om tat sat||
सुग्रीवॆणेव मुक्तस्तु हृष्टो दधिमुखः कपिः।
राघवं लक्ष्मणं चैव सुग्रीवं चाsभ्यवादयत्॥1||
स॥ दधिमुखः हृष्ठः सुग्रीवेण उक्तः तु राघवं लक्ष्मणं च सुग्रीवं एव अ अभ्यवादयत्॥
Thus told by Sugriva, Dadhimukha was pleased. Then he bowed to Raghava, Lakshmana, and Sugriva.

Sarga 64

Thus told by Sugriva, Dadhimukha was pleased. Then he bowed to Raghava, Lakshmana and Sugriva. He offered salutations to Raghava and Lakshmana as well as Sugriva and flew into the sky along with his followers.

Travelling the same path which he followed before, he went quickly and landed on the ground and entered that grove. He entered the Madhuvan and saw the Vanaras free from intoxication of honey, having passed water. Having returned, he said with folded hands the following conciliatory words.

'Oh Prince of mild disposition, you do not be harsh. Your companions were restrained out of our ignorance and anger. Oh mighty one, you are the prince and the lord of this grove. You can excuse this mistake done in foolishness. Oh sinless one, I went and told the elder brother of your father about the arrival of the Vanaras. He having heard about your arrival was pleased. The elder brother of your father, Sugriva hearing about the destruction of the grove he was not angry. The king told me, "Send all of them here quickly."

Hearing those conciliatory words of Dadhimukha, Angada, the best of Vanaras, who is expert in use of words, spoke to the Vanaras.

'Oh scorchers of enemies, elephants among the Vanaras, this information has already been heard by Rama. I think that with the task having been accomplished it is not proper for us to stay here. Oh Forest dwellers, having drunk honey and rested what is left? We go to the place of our leader Sugriva. I will follow whatever you all tell me to do, as our duty. I am the prince. I am not the lord to order you, who have accomplished the task. Ordering you is not proper for me'.

Hearing those words of Angada, the forest dwellers, delighted. Then they said, 'Oh bull among the Vanaras, who will speak humbly like this. Arrogant on account of prosperity, kings think they are everything. Your words are proper, not otherwise. Your humbleness speaks for bright future. We are ready to go where our immortal lord Sugriva is. Oh best of Vanaras, without your saying a word, it is not possible for the Vanaras to take one step. This is true. We are telling you'.

When they said as above, Angada said "very good, let us go". Having said this, the mighty ones flew into the sky. The Vanaras sprang into the sky, like the stones flung from a sling. Having risen to the sky, the speedy fliers roared like the clouds driven by the wind.

Before the arrival of Angada, the king of Vanaras, Sugriva told the lotus eyed lord stricken with grief. 'Trust me. Be blessed. The divine lady has been seen, without any doubt. With the time limit having been crossed they cannot be coming here otherwise. The prince Angada, who is strong and who is best among the fliers, cannot be coming back to me without completing the task. Those who have not completed their task will not be acting like this. They will be with piteous face and an unsteady mind. If he is dejected, the best of flyers would not have destroyed the Madhuvan, which is protected from the time of my father and grandfather'.

Sugriva continued. 'The divine lady has been seen by no other than Hanuman. The reason for the achievement of this task is Hanuman. The intelligent Hanuman with brilliance of the Sun, certainly has the intelligence, the effort, and the valor and the capacity to succeed. Where Jambavan is the leader and Hanuman and Angada are the guiding forces, the result will not be otherwise. You are extremely valiant. This is not the time to be worried'.

At that time the forest dwellers arrived at Kishkindha roaring, being proud of Hanuman's success having successfully completed their task, and their chattering noise could be heard from a distance. Then that chief of Vanaras hearing the roar of the Vanaras was extremely happy. He kept raising and shaking his long tail. The Vanaras with Angada and Hanuman in the front landed nearby, desirous of seeing Rama.

The heroes, Angada and others delighted and very happy, landed near the king of Vanaras and Rama. Hanuman, the strong armed one, bowing with his head, informed Rama that the divine lady with constant devotion is safe.

Hearing those words, 'Divine lady is seen', which are like nectar from Hanuman, Rama along with Lakshmana was delighted. Then Lakshmana surely looked at the son of wind god with affection, and saw Sugriva with respect.

The slayer of heroic enemies, Raghava entered a state of delight and glanced at Hanuman with unbounded affection.

Thus, ends the Sarga sixty four of Sundarakanda in Ramayana, the first poem ever composed in Sanskrit by the first poet sage Valmiki

|| om tat sat||
प्रीत्या रममाणोsथ राघवः परवीरह॥
बहुमानेन महता हनुमंतमवैक्षता॥39||
स॥ परवीरह राघवः रममाणः उपेतः महता बहुमानेन हनुमन्तं अवैक्षत॥

The slayer of heroic enemies, Raghava, entered a state of delight and glanced at Hanuman with unbounded affection.
|| om tat sat||.