||Sundarakanda ||

|| Sarga 67|| (Summary in English)

|| Om tat sat||
एवमुक्तस्तु हनुमान् राघवेण महात्मना।
सीताया भाषितं सर्वं न्यवेदयत राघवे॥1||
स॥ महात्मना राघवेण एवं उक्तः तु हनुमान् सीताया भाषितं सर्वं न्यवेदयत॥
Thus asked by Raghava, Hanuman related everything that was said by Sita.

Sarga 67

Thus asked by Raghava, Hanuman related everything that was said by Sita.

'Oh bull among men, divine Janaki related to me as a token of identification, an incident of the past that occurred on the Chitrakuta as it is'.

'Earlier when she was lying down along with you, she woke up early and a crow came swiftly and scratched on her breast. Rama, then you woke up and you slept in her lap. The bird again started hurting her. Again and again the crow came and scratched her. Then being wetted by her blood, you woke up'.

'Oh scorcher of enemies, troubled by the crow repeatedly, the divine lady woke you and informed you. Oh strong armed one, seeing her scratched on her breasts, furious like a hissing serpent you said this. "Oh timid one, who scratched on your breasts with the tip of their nails. Who is sporting with an enraged five hooded serpent?"

"Seeing all around, you saw the crow with blood on its sharp nails standing in front of her. Foremost among birds, the crow is the son of Indra, moving about all over the earth. In speed he is equal to Vayu".

"Oh strong armed one, revered among the wise, with anger in your eyes you made up your mind about the crow. Taking a blade of grass from the mat, you invoked it with Brahma's powers. Then he blazed like the fire at the time of dissolution, and hurtled towards the bird. You hurled the blazing blade of grass on the crow. Then the blazing blade of grass followed the crow".

"Abandoned by his father, the great seers as well as Suras and having gone around the three worlds, he could not find a savior. Oh destroyer of enemies, that crow came back tumbling to you for protection and fallen on the ground seeking protection. Then the Kakutstha with kindness saved the one who deserved to be killed".

"Raghava, it was not possible to withdraw the divine weapon. So you struck the right eye of the crow instead. Rama, then the crow thus saved offered salutations to you and Dasaratha and went back to its abode".

ÒOh Raghava, being one of good conduct, the foremost among wielders of weapons, truthful and powerful , why are you not using weapons against the Rakshasas. It is not possible for Nagas, Gandharvas, Suras, Marut ganas, or anybody else to face Rama in a battle".

"Oh valiant one, if you have any concern for me you will certainly slay Ravana with sharp arrows in the battle immediately. Oh scorcher of enemies, the best of men, Rama or even Lakshmana with the orders of his brother, why are they not protecting me?"

"The two tigers among men, equal in power to Vayu and Agni, being unassailable even to gods, why are they neglecting me. I must have done some sin. No doubt. Even though capable, the scorchers of enemies are not protecting me".

Hearing those piteous words spoken with tears by Vaidehi, I again spoke to the venerable lady. "Oh divine lady, I swear to you, Rama is full of grief. With Rama filled with sorrow Lakshmana too is deeply afflicted".
'Oh lovely lady, luckily you have been found. This is not the time for lamentation. This moment you will see the end of grief. The two princes, tigers among men, the blameless and mighty ones, desirous of seeing you will burndown this Lanka to ashes. Oh best among women, furious Raghava, killing Ravana with all his relatives, will certainly take you back to his city'.

'Oh blameless one, you need to give a token of recognition which Rama knows and which generates happiness". Oh Powerful one, she looked in all directions, untying this gem which is worn on her hair, from her clothes and gave it to me'.

'Foremost among Raghus, taking this gem for your sake, bowing with my head to the venerable lady I returned quickly'.

'The fair complexioned daughter of Janaka, seeing me growing and getting ready for returning said the following. With a face filled with tears, piteous, with words drenched with tears, concerned with my departure, shedding tears she said the following'.

'Oh Hanuman, tell both Rama and Lakshmana, the two lions among men as well as Sugriva along with all his ministers about my welfare. You can make the arrangements so that Raghava with powerful arms can save me from the ocean of sorrows'.

'Oh best of Vanaras, go near Rama. Tell him about the intensity of my great sorrow, as well as the threats from the Rakshasas. Let your journey be speedy and auspicious'.

'Oh lion among Kings, Venerable Sita spoke these sorrowful words for you. "What all has been said by me, that let him know". Oh Rama, Sita is safe in all respects. Have faith'.

Thus ends the Sarga sixty seven of Sundarakanda in Ramayana the first ever poem composed in Sanskrit by the first poet sage Valmiki.

|| Om tat sat||
एतत्त वार्या नृपराजसिंह
सीता वचः प्राह विषादपूर्वम्।
एतच्च बुद्ध्वा गदितं मया त्वम्
श्रद्दत्स्व सीतां कुशलां समग्राम्॥37||
स॥ पराजसिंह आर्या सीता विषादपूर्वं एतत् वचः तव आह। मया गदितां तत् बुध्वा सीतां समग्रां कुशलां श्रद्धत्स्व||
' Oh lion among kings, venerable Sita spoke these sorrowful words for you. "What all has been said by me, that let him know". Oh Rama ! Sita is safe in all respects. Have faith'.
|| Om tat sat||







|| Om tat sat||