||Sundarakanda ||

|| Sarga 68|| (Summary in English)


|| om tat sat ||
अथाह मुत्तरं देव्या पुनरुक्तः ससंभ्रमः।
तव स्नेहान्नरव्याघ्र सौहार्दादनुमान्यवै॥1||
स॥ नरव्याघ्र ! तव स्नेहात् सौहार्दात् ससंभ्रमः देव्याः अनुमान्य देव्या उत्तरं पुनः उक्तः ॥
'Oh tiger among men, because of the affection for you and love, the Devi addressed me again with confidence'.

Sarga 68

Hanuman continued the narration in response to Rama's queries.

'Oh Rama, tiger among men, because of the affection for you and love the Devi addressed me again with confidence. "Oh Hanuman, you may appeal to Rama in many ways so that he will quickly kill Ravana and get me back. Oh the crusher of enemies, if you think it is possible, take rest at a lonely place for the night and then go. Because of your presence here, this less fortunate one will be freed from the sorrow for a while. Oh valiant one, when you go my life will also be in doubt by the time you come back. There is no doubt. Afflicted by sorrow, the sorrow of not being able to see you will again make me lament again".

"Oh heroic one, and the best among the Vanaras, I have a great doubt about the your associates among Vanaras. How will those Vanara armies cross this ocean which cannot be crossed. Among all living beings, only three namely Vainateya, the Marut, and you are capable of crossing this ocean. Oh hero, foremost among those accomplishing tasks, what solution you see for this difficult task? Oh slayer of enemy heroes, only you are capable of resolving this task, surely. All the fame will be yours if you succeed in this".

"If Rama being victorious takes me back to his city defeating Ravana along with all his army, that will be proper for him. I have been abducted by the Rakshasa using devious means. Rama shall not take me back with fear secretly. If the slayer of the enemy armies Kakutstha, takes me back, stirring Lanka with his arrows and that will be appropriate for him. You plan in accordance with his might, in such a way that it allows the great soul who is an exalted hero to exhibit his valor".

'Hearing those meaningful courteous words supported with reasons, I said these words in reply. "Oh Divine lady, the Lord of the armies of Vanaras, the best among fliers, richly endowed with strength is resolved to save you. The mighty, powerful, tough warriors committed in their mind are under his command. They can go up or down without any obstruction. They can go in any other direction. These brilliant ones can undertake any task without difficulty. These great Vanaras, who are proud of their might, can go around the earth travelling the aerial path. In the court of Sugriva there are those who are better than me or equal to me. There is none who is less powerful than me".

"If I have come here, what to say of the highly powerful ones. Superior ones are indeed not sent for tasks like this carrying messages. Only the other people are sent. Oh divine lady, enough of such lamentation. Let your sorrow end. The Vanara army will reach Lanka in one jump. Oh noble one, both Rama and Lakshmana, the lions among men, sitting on my back shining like Sun and moon will reach here soon. You will soon see the lion like slayers of enemies, the Raghava and Lakshmana with bow in their hands at the gates of Lanka. You will soon see Vanaras who use their nails and teeth as the weapons, who have the strength of lions and tigers".

"You will soon see leaders of the Vanara army hovering over Lanka's mountains like the rain clouds on the Malaya mountain. You will soon see the slayer of enemies, Rama crowned in Ayodhya along with you, after completing the exile in the forest".

'Then the princess of Mithila, Sita, who was in grief of separation from you, pleased with soothing and auspicious words spoken by me, became peaceful'.

Thus ends the sixty eighth Sarga of Sundarakanda. That is also the end of Sundarakanda in Ramayana, the first ever Sanskrit poem composed in Sanskrit by the first poet sage Valmiki.

|| om tat sat ||
ततो मयावाग्बिरदीनभाषिणा
जगाम शांतिं मममैथिलात्मजा
तवापि शोकेन तदाsभिपीडिता॥29||
स॥ ततः तव शोकेनापि तदा अभिपीडिता मैथिलात्मजा अदीनभाषिणा मया शिवाभिः इष्टभिः मम वाग्भिः अभिप्रसादिता शांतिं जगाम॥
'Then the princess of Mithila, Sita who was in grief of separation from you , pleased with soothing and auspicious words spoken by me, became peaceful".
|| om tat sat ||