|| Sarga 60 ||

|| Tattva Dipika ||

|| om tat sat||

Sarga 60

"तथा भवान् पश्यतु कार्यसिद्धिं"

"तथा भवान् पश्यतु कार्यसिद्धिं"
"you see how the task can be successfully completed"
How the task is to be completed?
"यथातु रामस्य मतिः"
The way it is in the mind of Rama.
These are words of Jambavan.

Hanuma, forgetting Sita's words,
says many of the Vanaras can accomplish the task of killing Ravana.
He says, that it is better they carry Sita with them to Rama.
At the end though leaves the decision to the others.

Angada takes that thought further,
and insists that they go to Rama along with Sita.
Angada is the prince.
His word cannot be set aside easily

Jambavan is an old wise man.
He knows how to move the things.
So, he tells Angada, that he is right.
But reminds everybody about the original plan.

All of this is happening because of Rama.
Now also they need to know what is in Rama's mind.
Only after that next course of action can be finalized.

This is what we hear from Valmiki.
Now we will go through the Sarga.

Hearing those words of Hanuman, Vali's son spoke.

"Vanaras! though Sita was seen,
going to Rama without Sita is not proper.
I see it as inappropriate.

As powerful as you are,
saying that we saw Sita and did not bring her back is not appropriate.
Best of Vanaras, there is none among Devas or Daityas
who can equal us in our strength or in our ability flying in the sky?

Conquering Lanka along with all Rakshasas,
killing Ravana in the battle,
and rescuing Sita,
we achieve our goal and go happily.

Hanuman has killed many of those Rakshasas.
What is the task left other than bringing back Sita?
Let us bring back Sita to be in the middle of Rama and Lakshmana.

Why so many words.
No other Vanaras are necessary.
We can go kill the Rakshasa warriors,
then see Rama who is with Lakshmana and Sugriva'.

Hearing the excited words of Angada,
Jambavan then spoke affectionately
with meaningful words to that best of Vanaras,
who made up his mind on the course of action?

'Oh, great Vanara, the thought that is being projected by you is not appropriate.
We were ordered to go in the Southern direction in search of Sita.
Bringing her back was not mentioned by the king of Vanaras or sagacious Rama.
Gaining victory in some way and carrying her back may not be liked.

Raghava himself took a vow to gain victory and bring back Sita.
How can Vanaras go against that?
Any action in opposition will be a failure and will not lead to happiness.
The courage shown in doing so would also be a waste.

So, we will all go to where Rama and Lakshmana are,
and report to them what has been accomplished.

Oh Prince, though your suggestion is appropriate,
my mind does not agree with that.
We will find what is in the mind of Rama and
act in way to ensure victory.

Thus, the Sarga sixty comes to an end

|| om tat sat||
|| This is what we understood from Tattva Dipika of Shri Bhashyam, Appalacharyulu
|| om tat sat||