Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 89

Brahma Vishnu and Maheswara


"O Rajan, on the banks of river Saraswati all the sages involved in performing sacrifice started discussion who among all the three Lords is the greatest"


Brahma Vishnu and Maheswara

Suka Deva continued

O Rajan, once all the sages were performing a long sacrifice on the banks of the river Saraswati. A discussion arose as to who among the three Lords Brahma Vishnu and Maheswara is the greatest.

They could not conclude the discussion. So with the desire of knowing, they sent Brighu Maharshi to visit the abode of all the three Lords

First Brighu Maharshi went to Lord Brahma, who is his father. Brighu Maharshi did not bow or recite worshipful prayers as usual. Lord Brahma became angry. Though anger was rising against his son, Brahma using intelligence was able to subdue the same like fire is extinguished by water.

Next Brighu went to Mount Kailasa. There Lord Siva seeing him stood up and attempted to embrace Brighu with pleasure. But Brighu Maharishi did not desire the embrace and said,” You are a transgressor of Dharma”. Lord Siva became very angry and raised his trident to kill him. Then Siva's consort Parvati pacified him, and Siva withdrew his trident.

Then Brighu went to Vaikuntha, where Lord Vishnu was resting with his head in the laps of Goddess Lakshmi. Brighu Maharshi to test him kicked him on his chest. Immediately both Lord and his consort got up, came down from the bed, bowing their heads welcomed the Brighu Maharshi and said, “O Brahman, please sit in this seat for a moment. You should please forgive us. We were unaware of your arrival. Please purify me, my planet along with all other planets by the water which washed your feet. O Lord your foot when it touched my chest eradicated all my sins. Now Lakshmi will have exclusive shelter on my chest”. So saying the Lord touched his feet.

Suka Deva continued.

‘O King, Brighu Maharshi was satisfied. He was also delighted to hear the words of the Lord and became silent with tears in his eyes for the compassion shown by the Lord. Then he went back to all other sages to conclude that indeed Lord Vishnu is the greatest of all.

Amazed at the happenings during Brighu Maharishi's visit to the three worlds, the sages were freed from their doubts as to who is the greatest. For from him came peace, fearlessness, Dharma, Knowledge, detachment, eightfold power of mystic knowledge. The glories of the Lord eradicate all sins and clean the mind. He is the destination for all those equipoised selfless and peaceful sages .The learned Brahmans living along the Banks of the river came to this conclusion in order to dispel the doubts of all people. There after they rendered selfless service to the Lord and attained freedom.

Suka Deva continued

Once in Dwaraka a Brahman's wife gave birth to an infant son who died as soon as he was born.

The Brahman took the child's corpse, presenting the same at the Kings court, he spoke. "Because of the duplicitous and evil nature of unqualified Kshatriyas, addicted to sense gratification and improper execution of duties my son met his death. Citizens serving such a king are doomed to suffer”

The Brahman suffered the same tragedy a second time, a third time so on for nine times.

The ninth time he suffered the tragedy, he again came to the kings court. Arjun overheard the bitter complaint of the Brahman. Arjun addressed the Brahman and said,” O Brahman, rulers of the kingdom where Brahmans lament over wealth, wives or children are actors disguised as Kings. O Bhagavan I will protect your offspring and if I fail to protect I will enter fire to atone for my sin”.

The Brahman said,”Neither Lord Sankarshana or Vasudeva, Pradyumna the best bowman or Aniruddha the unequalled warrior could save my progeny. Then why do you attempt something the mighty Lord of the universe could not do. O warrior we cannot believe you.”

Arjun replied,” O Brahman, It is true that I am not Lord Balaram or Krishna. But I am Arjun, the wielder of Gandiva .O Brahman do not belittle my prowess which was good enough to satisfy Lord Siva. I will bring back your son even if I have to battle Yama the Lord of death.”

When the time to give birth to the next one became imminent, the Brahman couple went to Arjun and begged him to protect their child. Arjun according to his promise came to their place and built a protective armor with his arrows, protecting it from all directions. The mother gave birth to a child, this time the baby cried for while and then disappeared into the sky.

The Brahman derided Arjun in the presence of Lord Krishna saying “see my foolishness, I trusted an eunuch when not even Pradyumna, Aniruddha, Rama or Kesava could save my son”

While the Brahman was wailing, Arjun using his mystic powers went to the heavenly Samyamani, where Lord Yama resides. Not seeing the Brahmans child there with weapons in hand ready to do battle, he went to city of Indra. Then he went to the city of Fire god. Then he went to the city of Nairuti. Thus he went to all places yet he could not find the Brahmans child.

Failing to find the child and not having fulfilled his promise Arjun was about to enter the Fire as promised by him? Then Lord Krishna stopped him and spoke to him.” I will show the children of Brahman, do not belittle yourself in your mind. These critics will establish our fame again”

So saying Lord Krishna took Arjun on his divine chariot.

They crossed all worlds and entered the Vaikuntham.

It is the region of transcendental light (Brahma Jyoti) whose intensity was so bright that Arjun closed his eyes. There he saw on the ocean waves churned by huge winds a palace with thousand pillars brilliantly shining with gems. There he saw the large thousand hooded Serpent Ananta. On his hoods were brilliant gems, with dark blue neck and dark blue tongue it was amazing sight.

There Arjun saw Lord Vishnu.

Lord Krishna offered homage to the Lord, in effect to himself.

Arjun also paid homage. With rising astonishment as they stood before him with joined palms, the Lord of the Lords spoke with a powerful voice.

‘The sons of Brahman were brought by me as I wanted to see you both here. You as my extensions descended to the earth to reduce the burden of earth and save Dharma. After killing the demons that are the burden for the earth, come back to me quickly”

Thus instructed by the Lord both of them chanting Om signifying their agreement bowed to the Lord. Then taking the Brahmans sons, Krishna and Arjun returned to Dwaraka to the amazement of the people of Dwaraka and the unbounded happiness of the Brahman.


Having killed the most irreligious kings and having them killed by Arjun and others, he ensured that principles of religion are maintained by Yudhistira and others