||Sundarakanda ||

|| Sarga 1||( Only Slokas in Devanagari) )

हरिः ओम्


Chapter 1

Preamble: Having learnt from Sampati, that Ravana carried Sita forcibly to Lanka, The Vanara reach the edge of the ocean. While none could venture out Jambavan reminds Hanuman of his capabilities and encourages him to take the lead. In the last canto of Kishkindha kanda Hanuman announces his intentions to do so. The Sundarakanda starts at this point when Hanuman is poised to take the aerial path to reach Lanka

తతో రావణ నీతాయాః సీతాయాః శత్రుకర్షణః |
ఇయేషపదమన్వేష్టుం చారణాచరితే పథే ||1||
ततो रावण नीतायाः सीतायाः शत्रुकर्षणः ।
इयेषपदमन्वेष्टुं चारणाचरिते पथे ॥1||

Then Hanuman, who is a terror to the foes decided to take the aerial path in order to search for Sita who has been carried away by Ravana. Hanuman stood on the mountain all set to take the leap into the skies.

Then he made obeisance to Surya, Siva, Brahma and all other Gods and firmed up his mind to take up the task. Facing east he made obeisance to Vayu. Then faced the direction in which he has to travel in search of Sita.

In order to travel through the skies quickly, Hanuman who has the power to increase his size at will, assumed the form of a body which is of immense proportions in front of all other Vanaras. With his body growing to immense proportions when Hanuman pressed his feet on the mountain to get a grip to fly, the whole mountain shook. The trees shed flowers. The animals and other creatures living on the mountain were scared by the strange happenings. The animals cried out in unnatural voices and left their natural habitat for fear of their lives. The scared poisonous snakes expanding their hoods hit the rocks with their fangs generating fire. Even the dense thickets of medicinal herbs that grew on the mountain failed to counteract the poisonous fumes generated by the Snakes.

The Vidhyadharas who live on the mountain flew into the sky with their families being afraid that the mountain is being destroyed. Even the ascetics and Gandharvas gathered in the sky around Mahendragiri to witness this event.

Then the word spread around that this creature that looks like a mountain is Hanuman, the son of Vayu, the wind God. He wishes to cross the ocean, which is the abode of sea monsters. He wishes to reach the other shore of the ocean and as per the orders of the Vanara King Sugriva to accomplish the task of Rama.

As he made himself ready to leap, Hanuman let go a roar and announced his mission.

వానరాన్ వానరశ్రేష్ఠ ఇదం వచన మబ్రవీత్ |
యథా రాఘవ నిర్ముక్తః శ్శరశ్శ్వసన విక్రమః||39||
గచ్ఛేత్తద్వద్గమిష్యామి లంకాం రావణపాలితామ్|
న హి ద్రక్ష్యామి యది తాం లంకాయాం జనకాత్మజామ్||40||
అనేనైవ హి వేగేన గమిష్యామి సురాలయమ్ |
యది వా త్రిదివే సీతాం న ద్రక్ష్యా మ్యకృత శ్రమః||41||
బద్ద్వా రాక్షస రాజానం ఆనయిష్యామి సరావణమ్|
సర్వథా కృతకార్యోsహం ఏష్యామి సహ సీతయా ||42||
ఆనయిష్యామి వా లంకాం సముత్పాట్య స రావణమ్|
ఏవముక్త్వాతు హనుమాన్ వానరాన్ వానరోత్తమః ||43||

वानरान् वानरश्रेष्ठ इदं वचन मब्रवीत् ।
यथा राघव निर्मुक्तः श्शरश्श्वसन विक्रमः॥39||
गच्छेत्तद्वद्गमिष्यामि लंकां रावणपालिताम्।
न हि द्रक्ष्यामि यदि तां लंकायां जनकात्मजाम्॥40||
अनेनैव हि वेगेन गमिष्यामि सुरालयम् ।
यदि वा त्रिदिवे सीतां न द्रक्ष्या म्यकृत श्रमः॥41||
बद्द्वा राक्षस राजानं आनयिष्यामि सरावणम्।
सर्वथा कृतकार्योsहं एष्यामि सह सीतया ॥42||
आनयिष्यामि वा लंकां समुत्पाट्य स रावणम्।
एवमुक्त्वातु हनुमान् वानरान् वानरोत्तमः ॥43||

“ Like the potent arrow let go by Rama, I would fly as swiftly to Lanka ruled by Ravana. And If I do not find Sita, the daughter of Janaka, I will fly directly to the realm of Gods. If I do not find Sita there also then I will tie Ravana the king of Rakshasas and bring him here. One way or the other I will accomplish my mission and return with Sita, or else I will uproot Lanka along with Ravana and bring him here “

Having announced his determination, Hanuman leapt into the air with a wish to cross the ocean.

So great was the momentum of his leap that he carried along with him trees in full blossom that got uprooted by the force. Covered with different blossoms, buds, sprouts the Hanuman resembled a mountain himself. Soon the trees following Hanuman and the blossoms fell off into the sea making the ocean look even more beautiful.

As Hanuman sped across the seas the force of the winds generated by his movement agitated the ocean creating big waves as though the ocean was in the grip of convulsive seizure. The immense proportions to which he grew meant the flying Hanuman was followed by a larger shadow streaking across the ocean like the dark clouds on a bright sky.

తతాప న హి తం సూర్యం ప్లవంతం వానరోత్తమమ్|
సిషేవే చ తదా వాయూ రామకార్యర్థ సిద్ధయే||84-85||

तताप न हि तं सूर्यं प्लवंतं वानरोत्तमम्।
सिषेवे च तदा वायू रामकार्यर्थ सिद्धये॥84-85||

As he moved across the sky on a mission for noble Rama, the Sun's rays did not scorch him. Vayu the wind god served him well too (with a gentle breeze). The Seers, the gods, Gandharvas praised him for his mighty effort.

Seeing the Hanuman flying across the ocean in search of Sita and performing a service for Rama, the prince of Ikshwakus the Saagara, the king of ocean who felt obligated to Ikshwaku King Sagara for his own growth, wanted to repay his debt to the Ikshwaku So he asked Mainaka the Mountain hidden under the seas to come up and provide a relief to Hanuman by offering him a place to rest.

Mainaka, who has the ability to grow, came up above the ocean to offer a place for Hanuman to rest for a while and restart his journey.

Hanuman seeing the mighty mountain coming up in front him and thinking that he is an obstacle he pushed him away by hitting him with his chest. Though pushed away, Mainaka was delighted. Mainaka appeared in the form of a human being standing on his mountain addressed Hanuman.

“Oh Hanuman! You are proceeding on a mission for Rama the scion of Ikshwaku Line. The line of Ikshwakus has nourished Saagara, the ocean. In order to repay his debt, he asked me to provide you a resting place as you fly across this ocean. I am also indebted to your father Vayu for saving me from the wrath of Indra's Vajrayudha. Please rest on my peaks. There is an abundance of sweet and fragrant bulbs, roots and fruits. You may taste them, rest for a while and there after proceed “

Hanuman replied saying, “ I am already honored. There is very little time left. I have taken a vow not to stop in the middle> Consider your hospitality as having been accepted”.

So saying Hanuman flew away.

తద్వితీయం హనుమతో దృష్ట్వా కర్మసుదుష్కరమ్|
ప్రశశంసు స్సురాస్సర్వే సిద్ధాశ్చ పరమర్షయః||137||
तद्वितीयं हनुमतो दृष्ट्वा कर्मसुदुष्करम्।
प्रशशंसु स्सुरास्सर्वे सिद्धाश्च परमर्षयः॥137||

The Seers , Devas and Gandharvas all praised Hanuman for this act of moving on and praised him for achieving the second difficult task while crossing the ocean.

Seeing Hanuman moving ahead the Devas wanted to test his determination. So they asked the Surasa, the Mother of all Serpents to take a dreadful form of female Rakshasa and provide an obstruction to see how Hanuman will overcome the obstacle.

Thus pushed forward Surasa stood in the middle of the ocean obstructing the path of Hanuman. Surasa said “ The Gods have ordained you as my food . I am going to eat you, so get into my mouth”

Thus addressed Hanuman made obeisance to Surasa and told her , that he is going on a mission for Rama and will certainly oblige her once he completes his task.

Surasa firmly refused to accept his offer and demanded that he enter her mouth. Then Hanuman became angry and challenged her to open her mouth wide enough to let him enter. Surasa who can change her from at will opened her mouth wide enough to accommodate Hanuman. Then Hanuman doubled his size . Surasa in turn increased her size matching his size and more. Then Hanuman in turn increased his size . Finally when Surasa increased her mouth size to accommodate a Hanuman of ninety yojanas, then Hanuman became as small as thumb in a second and flew into her mouth and came out announcing “Dakshayani I have entered your mouth as desired, and may your words prove true.” .

Then the very pleased Surasa too assumed her normal form and said “ Best of monkeys unite Vaidehi with Rama and accomplish your task ”.

తతృతీయం హనుమతో దృష్ట్వా కర్మ సుదుష్కరమ్|
సాధు సాధ్వితి భూతాని ప్రశశంసుః తదా హరిమ్ ||163||
ततृतीयं हनुमतो दृष्ट्वा कर्म सुदुष्करम्।
साधु साध्विति भूतानि प्रशशंसुः तदा हरिम् ॥163||

All the seers , Devas and Gandharvas witnessing this praised Hanuman for overcoming the third obstacle saying “wonderful, wonderful”.

Then as Hanuman moved forward suddenly he felt he was being dragged down. That is the demon Simhika about whom Sugriva has warned him earlier. Simhika has the capacity to hold one by his shadow. As Simhika opened her mouth to grab him, Hanuman again became very small , this time went inside her mouth came back out by slashing her vital organs. As Simhika fell down dead all the Seers Devas and Gandharvas praised him for killing a mighty creature and tell him “Now accomplish your task without hindrance . For he who like you possess the four qualities of firmness , foresight , intelligence, and skill never fail in his undertakings”

Thus honored Hanuman flew on and finally reached the other shore. Realizing that if he maintains the same he form he will be easily noticed he reduced himself to a small size and alighted on the lofty peak of Mount Lamba.

As he landed , he gazed upon the city of Lanka, which is like Amaravati the city of Indra.

స సాగరం దానవపన్నగాయుతమ్
బలేన విక్రమ్య మహోర్మిమాలినమ్|
నిపత్య తీరే చ మహోదధే స్తదా
దదర్శ లంకాం అమరావతీమ్ ఇవ|| 201||
स सागरं दानवपन्नगायुतम्
बलेन विक्रम्य महोर्मिमालिनम्।
निपत्य तीरे च महोदधे स्तदा
ददर्श लंकां अमरावतीम् इव॥ 201||



|| Om tat sat ||