The Trust Reorganization

Athato Foundation

Athato Foundation to focus on Education


Kasarabada Kamaraju Charitable Trust has been reorganized to function as a non finance oriented advisory body to guide other entities as per original objects.

In its place comes new entity in the form of Athato Foundation , which is duly registered.

'Athato' is part of the first line of Brahmasutras - Athato Brahma jignyasaa. Effectively from now on Trust activities as per the original objects of Kasarabada Kamaraju Charitable trust will now be carried on through Athato Foundation.

Athato foundation has been duly registered under relevant rules of Karnataka Govt ( India). It is also duly registered with Income Tax dept. of Govt of India with its own PAN Number.

The first act of the foundation was to sign two MOUs with department of Education ,Govt of Karnataka , Bangalore to work with two Govt schools under the School nurturing program of Govt of Karnataka. Under this program Trusts /NGOs can take up programs to nurture Govt schools in their own way following certain Govt guide lines.

Athato Foundation is pleased to announce that for this purpose they have actively taken up working with two schools namely

1 Govt upper Primary School , Chikkadevasandra, KRPuram, Bangalore 560036

2 Govt upper Primary School , Chikkabasavanapura, KRPuram, Bangalore 560049

With reference to these two Schools the foundation focus is on creating and supporting their library. To that extent as part of our first effort we have provided four tables(4) and twenty four chairs (24) as basic library infrastructure and provided about 100 books as per the list provided by the schools themselves.

Both the Schools have Computer Labs with a computer teacher on one school and the other school is having a temporary teacher hired on temporary basis.

Details of the school and their activities are provided on the links. Interested people can directly support the schools with the address provided . will be pleased to provide any help.

If you are interested in supporting this effort, please contact ""