Aditya hrudayam

From Yuddhakanda in Ramayana !!

II आदित्य हृदयं II


Adityahrudayam is too well known.

The Adi Kavya namely Ramayana has only one Stotram and that is addressed to the Sun God. And it is called Adityahrudayam.

It is part of Yuddhakanda and appears as the 107th Sarga.
The Stotram is taught by Sage Agastya to Rama.
The context is the battle with Ravana.
Rama is seemingly worried about the battle with Ravana who is deemed to have mystical powers. Ravana was fresh and ready, apparently in a better position to do the battle!

To ensure Rama's success, Sage Agastya himself comes down and preaches the ancient secret (Srunu guhyam sanatanam) that is Adityahrudayam.

All the slokas of Adityahrudayam are simple, rhythmic, mesmerizing if you fall in love!

For many Adityahrudayam is about reading slokas. So, we have slokas of Adityahrudayam for simple reading or Parayana in Devanagari, Telugu and Kannada

Adityahrudayam is seen as an Upasana Stotram, and we have an elaboration on the same . While providing the elaboration we had the embedded slokas in Devanagari, Telugu and Kannada for the reading pleasure. Instead of putting all three languages on the same page and cluttering it up for readers, we have provided three separate pages.

As with all Indian classics, there are questions about whether Adityahrudayam belongs to original Ramayana or if it is a later interpolation. There two schools of thought.

But as far as we are concerned, we love the poem as such, irrespective of it being seen as part of original Ramayan or otherwise.

We love the spirit too!!

Happy Reading

||om tat sat||