Bhagavatam - Story of 24 Gurus

Skandha Eleventh ! Chapter 6

Uddhava Gita Chapter 1


This is the start of Uddhava Gita. The last sloka says thus spoken to by Uddhava Lord Krishna Spoke. From now on it is a dialog of Krishna and Uddhava with some stories narrated by Lord Krishna himself thrown in .


Uddhava Gita Chapter 1 - (Chapter 6 Skandha XI)

Then one day Brahma with all his entourage , Siva with all his entourage , Indra and all other Devas came to Dwaraka to see the Bhagavan Lord Krishna who was born to reduce the burden of earth .

Having paid their respects in the prescribed manner they eulogize him as the one who is responsible for creation maintenance and destruction of the Universe , that he is no other than Vishnu himself. They gently remind him that since he has done what is all required to be done, if he deems it fit he should return to his abode in Vaikuntha and protect the people or servants of Vaikuntha.

Thus requested Lord tells them:

“ I have already decided what you are saying. I have completed all the work and taken off the burden of earth.”

Then he adds what he sees as happening.

That the Yadus have become haughty and their haughtiness is only stopped by Him like the ocean is stopped by the shore. He cannot leave without destroying the line of Yadus as otherwise they may them selves ruin the world. Their haughtiness is also being taken care of by the Brahmana's curse . hence in due course he is going back.

Having been satisfied thus , the assurances of the Lord , the Brahma went back to their abode along with all other Devas.

Then Lord addressed all the elders of Yadavas who assembled to hear the Lord. First reminding them of the irremediable curse of Brahmanas because of which various calamities are visiting the city every where , he says:

“O revered ones we must not stay here any longer if we wish to live. We shall go to the exceedingly holy Prabhasa immediately”

Highlighting the holy Prabhasa , Krishna says bathing in Prabhasa cures one of all afflictions as it happened for Moon. Staying in Prabhasa , offering prayers to Gods , giving gifts to Brahmanas will help them to overcome their sins.

Having thus been advised, the advise coming from Lord Krishna himself was more like a order , the Yadavas got ready to move to Prabhasa.

Hearing Lord Krishna's words and seeing the dire portents , unable to bear the thought of likely separation Uddhava who is always devoted to Krishna approached Krishna.

Uddhava said:

“ O Lord or Lords , you will quit this world after seeing the destruction of Yadu race. You did not counteract the Brahmanas curse though you have all the powers . O Lord I cannot bear to be separated from serving your feet even for a second . O Lord take me also to your abode ( Vaikuntha) “

Suka says having thus been appealed to by Uddhava , Lord Krishna spoke to Uddhava.

Thus starting a dialog which is almost equivalent of the dialog of Arjuna and Krishna and is hence called Uddhava Gita.

Om tat Sat

Ref: Srimad Bhagavata Vol 4, Published by Ramakrishna Math, .