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Welcome to the One more thing page !!


The pages are replete with a strong references to the ancient literature , whether it is through pages of "Valmiki Ramayana" , or "Bhagavatam" or "Athato Brahmajignayasa" . Within the formats of these three there is not much space for a lighter comment or a chance to provide a link to the " present " .

The " one more thing " is thought of as a link to the "present" as opposed to references of the past . It is also, on occasion, a chance to provide a lighter comment. Through this page we bring a point of view of those times that may seem applicable even now as in " Sahasa vidadhitanakriyaam " or may need an appropriate interpretation as in "Sumati" couplet . In between there could be simply Subhashitas or well known couplets in Sanskrit as in "Vakbhushanam bhushanam". There could also be lines not connected with any past but some thing that resonates with the beliefs projected by our past as in the Dalai Lama's quote " peace does not fall from the sky " .

When stars fall we too are sorry. We record our respects like in "Dr Kalam a Sthiatapragnya" or like in our "Tribute for KPP Nambiar"

This is also a page where we avoid politics of all varieties except Gandhi-ism. Gandhiji ( Mahatma Gandhi) is our idol along with Jawaharlal Nehru. Idols like Abraham Lincoln, George Washington whose acts shone light on ideals and stood for them are our idols too.

This is a page that invites readers participation by way of their contribution appropriately edited to fit the format here ! We do have such contributions , the latest one being a "Chinese Proverb"

om tat sat