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Happy Independence Day!

This issue updates the Ramayanam and Bhagavatam sections.

Ramayanam Section starts of the Telugu Poem “ Srimad Valmiki Raamayana antargata Sudarakandam - Samkshipta Samstuti “, a version of Sudarakanda by Padmasri Elchuri Vijayraghavrao. The complete poem is too long to be carried in one issue and is being presented in several parts. This week presentation includes the first chapter of Valmiki Sundarakanda detailing the exploits of Hanuman in reaching Lanka. Elchuri Vijayraghavrao is an eminent personality of many facets. We are pleased to carry his poem . We are also happy to announce that Sundarakanda Katha in Telugu by Radhamanoharan aka K S Sarma. Among Kasarabadas "Radha manoharan" is more popularly known as "Mani". He needs no introduction to readers of Telugu magazines and is well recognised for his literary efforts. The "Sundarakanda Katha" of 'Radhamanoharan' will start after the present poetic version of Telugu Sundarakanda is completed.

Bhagavatam continues with the Third Chapter, "The birth of Krishna!" The chapter 3 carries two hymns. Vasudeva's Hymn and Devaki's Hymn. Both are brought out in the issue .

The adage "Vak Bhushanam bhushanam" , is the theme of this issue of "one more thing". As they say 'jewel of a speech is indeed jewels of jewels' ! A cultured speech has many uses even in this stressed out times of high profile management. The youngsters fighting 'bosses blues' can take a leaf out using "strategic cultured speech" !


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