Sundara kanda:

Chapter 35

Dialogue of Sita and Hanuman !!

Chapter Summary : Hanuman

Hearing the story of Rama from Hanuman the foremost of Vanaras, Sita spoke sweet words of reassurance. Sita asks Hanuman to recount the excellences of Sri Rama and also tell her how the alliance of "Nara - Vanara came about" Hanuman recounts the same faithfully . Sita is convinced that Hanuman is indeed the messenger from Sri Rama and not otherwise.


Hearing the story of Rama from Hanuman ,the foremost of Vanaras , Sita spoke sweet words of reassurance.


Chapter 35

Hearing the story of Rama from the foremost of Vanaras Hanuman , Sita spoke sweet words of reassurance.

" O Hanuman where did your contact with Sri Rama come about ? How did you know Lakshmana ? How did this meeting between Naras and Vanaras happen ? Describe in detail the distinctive marks of Rama as well as Lakshmana, so that the grief does not take control of me".

Prompted thus by Sita . Hanuman the son of Vayu proceeded to describe SriRama in accordance with facts.

Hanuman spoke.

" O Sita ! Sri Rama has eyes resembling Lotus petals. His countenance resembling a full moon . He is richly endowed with charm from his birth. He equals Sun in brilliance and earth in forbearance.He equals Brihaspati in Buddhi and Indra in renown. He is the protector of all the living beings and also of his own people. He guards his own character, he is a follower of virtue and scourge of his enemies'.

'O Bhamini !, Rama is protector of the world and protects all the four classes of people. He has fixed the bounds of propriety to be observed by people and has inspired rishis and others to do so. He is full of splendor and is greatly adored by all. Steadfast in his vow of chastity, he is alive to the services of holy men and knows how to popularize right actions. He is well versed in politics and and a worshipper of Brahmanas. He is full of wisdom and richly endowed with amiability having subdued his passions . He is the tormentor of his foes '.

Hanuman continued.'

He is well versed in Yajurveda, and is highly respected by the people who know Vedas. He is proficient in the science of archery. He is proficient in Vedas and all parts of Vedas. He has broad shoulders and mighty arms, conch shaped neck, charming countenance and eyes. He is known to people by the name Rama. He has deep voice like kettle drums and glossy skin. He is full of glory with well built limbs of equal proportions and is endowed with dark brown complexion'.

'He is ever strong in three limbs namely the breast , wrist and fist. He is long in three namely eyebrows, arms and scrotum,uniform in three namely his locks, testicles, and knees. He is elevated in three namely breast rim of the navel , and the abdomen. Coppery in three namely rims of eyes, nails and the palms. He is soft in three , and deep in three namely voice, gait and navel. He has three folds in the skin of his neck. He has depression in three places namely breast , nipples and middle of his soles. He is undersized at four places namely the neck, the back and the shanks. He is endowed with three spirals in the hair on his head and four lines at the root of his thumb indicating knowledge of all four vedas. And has four lines on his forehead indicating longevity. He is four arm-lengths ( mura) high and has four pairs of equally matched limbs'.

Hanuman continued

'He has fourteen other pairs of equally matched limbs limbs. The four large teeth at both ends of upper jaw and the lower jaw. He walks in four different gaits. He is endowed with excellent lips, chin and nose and five glossy limbs namely hair , eyes , teeth, skin and soles. He has eight long limbs. Sri Rama has ten lotus like limbs, ten limbs which are ample. His fame is spread all around because of three facets of splendor renown and glory. He has two white limbs namely teeth and eyes. He is elevated in six limbs. He is small thin fine or sharp in nine. He pursues worldly riches takes sensual delight in three periods. He is devoted to truth and righteousness. He is glorious remains intent on accumulating wealth and power and showering favors on people. He knows the right use of time and place and speaks kindly to all people'.

'His ever successful brother Lakshmana , a favorite of two mothers is like his brother only in form, affection and qualities'.

Hanuman continued

'Searching for you all over the earth they came across us. The Vanara king Sugriva expelled from the kingdom and afraid of his brother Vali took refuse in the Rishyamuka mountains. There the two brothers saw Sugriva , the one pleasing to look at' .

'A they conversed with each other a great friendship developed between them . On that occasion the the Lord of Monkeys and the ruler of men felt mutually comforted by narrating their past . There upon Lakshmana spoke to Sugriva the Lord of vanaras about the grief caused to SriRama by your loss '.

'Hearing the words uttered by Lakshmana, the Lord of Vanaras for his part looked extremely down cast like the Sun shadowed by Ketu. Fetching all those jewelry which adorned your limbs which had been dropped on the earth by you while being carried away by Ravana, the Vanaras felt relieved . But they could not tell in which direction Ravana took you away'.

'Seeing those jewels again and again, Rama showed it to Lakshmana and gave them to Sugriva. The scion of Raghu distressed with your loss was like a mountain burning fire. United together in their grief in this way , both Rama and Sugriva arrived at an understanding to kill Vali and institute a search for you' .

Hanuman continued

'In this way O Devi the alliance of Sri Rama and Sugriva came about. And know me to be Hanuman who arrived here as their messenger. Having regained his lost kingdom, then calling all the Vanaras endowed with great might and owing allegiance to him , Sugriva dispatched them in all directions'

'Searching for you , and afraid of not meeting the command of Sugriva, we and the other Vanaras have been going around the earth in search of you. When we lost all the hope of meeting our goal , as though to solve our problem there appeared a big king of birds by name Sampati. Hearing about the death of his brother , angered he said the following' .

" Oh best of Vanaras ! By whom my brother was killed and where was he struck down. I want to know this from you". Then Angada explained in detail how the great Jatayu was killed while trying to save you. Deeply sorrowing at the killing of Jatayu , he told us that you are in the dwelling of King Ravana.

'Hearing those words of Sampati greatly we along with Angada left that place. The Vanaras keen on finding you were again faced a big dilemma. Dispelling the acute fear of the Vanara army on seeing the vast ocean I jumped across the sea which is a hundred Yojana wide. I saw Ravana and I saw you immersed in the ocean of sorrow. O Devi I am telling you everything in accordance with facts'.

" O Devi to give you confidence I have recounted the excellences of Rama. Very soon Raghava will come here to take you from this place ". Thus reassured by various proofs given by Hanuman , Sita who was emaciated through sorrow believed him to the messenger of Sri Rama and not otherwise. Now Hanuman addressed the following wonderful words to Sita

'O Mythili prompted by great seers, Kesari the best of Vanaras killed the Rakshasa by name Sambasaadana. Then with the boon given by Vayu the wind god , I was born to Anajandevi the wife of Kesari . In prowess I am as powerful as the wind God Vayu '.

Thus ends Chapter 35 of Sundarakanda.

om tat sat



O Mythili! Prompted by great seers, Kesari the best of Vanaras killed the Rakshasa by name Sambasaadana. Then with the boon given by Vayu the wind god , I was born to Anajandevi the wife of Kesari . In prowess I am as powerful as the wind God Vayu .