Sundarakanda Chapter 53

Sita prays for Hanuman's safety

Chapter 53:

Summary : Dissuaded by Vibhishana from killing Hanuman , Ravana orders that the bound Hanuman's tail be set on fire and taken round the city of Lanka. As the captive Hanuman was being taken around the Rakshasa women tell the unpleasant news to Sita. Sita very much disturbed then prays to the Lord of Fire that he should protect Hanuman. Hanuman could feel the effect immediately and was left wondering at the passiveness of the fire He ascribes it to Sita , Rama or the friendship of his father Vayu with Agni !

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Chapter 53

Then that powerful ten headed Ravana listened to the advice which is in synch with time and place and told him as follows

" What you said is true. We should think of punishing the Vanara in some other way. The Vanaras like their tail. That is their decoration. Set fire to his tail and he will go back with a burnt tail"

Then Ravana ordered the Rakshasas " Let this Vanara with burning tail be taken around the city of Lanka "

The cruel Rakshasas then got together and tied Hanuman . Hanuman thoughtfully remained captive though fully capable of breaking those bonds and become free. Then the delighted Rakshasas took around the Vanara who decided to remain captive

Then those cruel Rakshasas with blaring sounds of conches and drums , also making lot of noise by their actions took Hanuman around the city

When the tail of Hanuman was set on fire many ugly faced Rakshasa women ran to Sita to announce this unpleasant news. "O Sita the red faced Vanara who was talking to you is being taken around city with his tail put on fire ". Feeling this news as being as painful as her kidnapping and overcome with sorrow Sita began to pray to the fire deity .

The wide eyed and pure lady then began to pray to Fire deity wishing for the welfare of Hanuman . " If I have served my husband well , if I have observed all the austerities well and If I have been a true wife without blemish then may you act in a way providing cooling effect for Hanuman. O Lord if my Lord has any consideration for me and if have any fortune left then may you act in a way providing cooling effect for Hanuman. If my Lord considers me as a chaste wife , and knows that I am anxiously waiting for the reunion then may you act in a way providing cooling effect for Hanuman. If worshipful Sugriva who is as truthful as powerful is going to save me from the ocean of sorrow may you act in a way providing cooling effect for Hanuman.

Then Hanuman broke his bonds and flew into the sky with thunderous noise. After being free then the Hanuman assumed a form equaling a mountain and his eyes fell on the iron pestle lying on the main archway. He grabbed the same and destroyed all the Rakshasas guarding him .

After killing those Rakshasas in the battle Hanuman stood there looking at the city of lanka. With his tail burning brightly the shroud of flames raising gave him the aura of Sun surrounded by his rays .

Thus ends chapter 53 of Sundarakanda

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संक्षिप्त सुंदरकांड