Sundarakanda Chapter 54

Burning of Lanka

Chapter 54:

Summary : Having successfully completed what he started out for Hanuman thought for a while on what more he can do. He decided that he should burn down Lanka to reduce their strength and proceeds to accomplish the same

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Chapter 54

Having successfully completed all the tasks he thought of , the excited Hanuman then thought of left over action.

"The Garden has been destroyed. Prominent Rakshasas were killed. A good part of army has been destroyed. Only the destruction of the Fort of Lanka is left . If I destroy the fort also then what ever has been accomplished by me becomes meaningful. With a little effort if I accomplish that also my efforts will be fruitful"

Then Hanuman with his tail burning brightly and Hanuman who was shining like the lightning amidst the dark clouds started moving on the top of the buildings in the city of Lanka setting fire to the palaces of all prominet Rakshasas

Hanuman with all adorable qualities having burnt the houses of the prominent Rakshasas reached the palace of Ravana. Then with his burning tail Hanuman set fire to that palace which is having all auspicious marks and is well decorated with wide variety of corals etc . It is as tall as the mountains Meru and Mandara.Then Hanuman let go a big roar resembling the sounds of clouds at the time of dissolution !

People running helter skelter , having lost their wealth ,strength and heroism began to cry out " Alas the fier diety himself has come in the form of Vanara".
That great Hanuman burned down the city of Lanka much like the Lord Siva or Tripuraantaka burnt down Tripura !

Seeing the burning Lanka with groups of people, along with trees and the palaces , the Rakshasas gathered in groups and were wondering among themselves about the cause. " This must be Indra himself with his Vajrayudha or may be Yama or Varuna or Vayu or Rudra , Agni or Kubera himslef in person. Other wise may be it is the embodiment of death itself that has come here."

" Oh Father ! Oh Son! O Master ! O Friend ! Alas what a pity. What happened to the prosperous and happy life we were leading". Loud and fearful lamentations like this were coming from Rakshasas

Then seeing the city of Lanka burning, all the Devas , Gandharvas, Siddhas and Rishis were surprised. All the beings thought that Vanara is the fire at the time of dissoultion !

All the Devas , great Rishis , Gandharvas , Nagas, Yakshas were delighted also .

All the elements were delighted too !!

Thus ends chapter 54 of Sundarakanda

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