Sundarakanda Chapter 55

Burning of Lanka

Chapter 55:

Summary : Having burnt down the city of Lanka Hanuman suddenly seized of a concern that in that process he might have endangered Sita's life and thus endangering the mission for which he started. Even as he is assailed by such doubts he hears the charanas talking about Sita being miraculously saved !

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Chapter 55

That great Hanuman having burnt down the city of Lanka fully , then put out the fire buring at the end of his tail in the sea.

Seeing the city burning and the Rakshasas shivering in fear Hanuman started to think. " Alas what did I do by burning the city of Lanka ". He started to blame himself for the miseries of people in Lanka

"Learned people curb the excitement of overflowing anger with firmness of the mind like flames are curbed by water. They are indeed the blessed people. The one who is overcome with anger commits wilful acts of sin. Such a one may even kill his Guru. Such a one will insult even good men with insolent words. He loses the ability discriminate between good and bad or what should be said and what should not be said. There is no act he will not do. He may give utterance to anything that may come to his mind. He is real man who is able to control his anger and shakes off his anger like a serpent shedding its skin "!

"What a mindless person am I . Without shame I am acted in a unthinking way that I put Sita in the way of fire and betrayed my own master. If the lanka is fully burn down Sita too might have been burnt By this thoughtless act I have failed in my mission"

"All of lanka is burnt. there is no place that is not burnt. Hence Sita would have been certainly burnt . Because of my stupidity the purpose of my mission is defeated . The best alternative then is to end my life here and now".

Hanuman who was thus lost in sorrow again started seeing seeing auspicious omens making him think again. 'That charming lady a symbol of auspiciousness herself would have been saved by her own powers. Indeed fire cannot destroy fire'.

'The fire is all powerful . There is nothing that can stand in its way. But even then it did not burn my tail. Then how can it burn Sita'.

'By her power of penance and truthfulness and her devotion to her husband Sita herself can destroy Fire. Hence Fire cannot destroy her' . While he was thus thinking about her righteousness Hanuman heard the charanas the panegyrics of heavens !

"This city with its ramparts mansions and flags has been burnt down. But Sita has not been burnt . This is wonderful and amazing. " . Hearing these sweet words of nectar Hanuman felt relieved and delighted .

Having accomplished what all he desired and learning that Sita is safe then Hanuman decided that he should go back after meeting Sita

Thus ends chapter 55 of Sundarakanda

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