Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 60

Humbling of Rukmini

Once with the Lord comfortably seated on her bed, Rukmini was serving her husband by fanning along with her companions


Testing of Rukmini

Suka Deva continued

Once with the Lord comfortably seated on her own bed, Rukmini was serving her husband along with her companions. As Rukmini herself took over the job of fanning the Lord from the maids, Lord Krishna addressed the queen mischievously.

“O Princess! You were desired by many kings, they were abundantly endowed with beauty, physical strength, and generosity. They were as powerful as the rulers of Planets. They were all maddened by the Cupid. Rejecting all those kings including even the King of Chedi, recommend by your brother and father why did you choose us who are not your equal? Indeed you chose one who out of fear took shelter (Dwaraka) in the sea, who made so many enemies and abandoned any claim to a Royal throne. Oh beautiful Lady with men whose behavior is uncertain or who do not the follow the path approved by the society, usually women suffers. We have no possessions and we are also always very dear to those who have no possessions. Therefore the wealthy do not worship me. Oh Lady the marriage between those who are equal in property, birth, influence, physical appearance and the posterity is indeed proper. But not between un equals.O Princess of Vidarbha not knowing this you have chosen us without much foresight. We are devoid of good qualities and praised by beggars out of their ignorance. Now please accept a man of royal order by whom your hopes will become fulfilled in this life and next too! Kings like Sisupala. Jarasandha, Dantavakra all hate me. So does your brother Rukmi. In a way we are indifferent towards wives children and wealth. We remain being self satisfied and not work for home or wealth.” Krishna said this and remained silent.

Rukmini was always thinking that she is his beloved because of never being separated. She was proud of her position, and that pride was hurt. The Queen Rukmini never heard such unpleasant words previously from the Lord the ruler of the three worlds.

Hearing the same, frightened and trembling a fear arose in her heart and she started sobbing. With her tender nails on her foot she was scratching the ground. With tears flowing her voice choked up with extreme sorrow. The fan with which she was serving the Lord fell to the ground. She too fainted and fell to the ground. Seeing the beloved‘s strong bond of love that could not understand the full import of his teasing, Lord felt compassion for her. Krishna in an instant got down from the bed picked her up wiped her face with his lotus hand. He tenderly consoled the Queen. The Lord said.” Do not be displeased with me. I know you. And you are fully dedicated to me. Desiring to hear your words I was jesting. I wanted to see your anger. Oh Timid and Temperamental one , the greatest gain in the family life for worldly house holders is indeed the time spent joking with the loved ones” .

Fully pacified, the queen understood that his words were spoken in jest. She gave up her fear and she spoke to the Lord.

“O Lord Yes indeed we are unequal.”

“Where is the Supreme Lord, the Lord of Trimurthis Brahma Vishnu and Maheswara, where am I (Lakshmi) whose feet are grabbed by only fools.

“True you have taken shelter in the ocean as if out of fear of the passion, ignorance and goodness .True you have many powerful enemies. You residing in the deep recesses of the heart of all beings are always battling the powerful material senses, the enemies. True you rejected the royal throne. Even your servants reject the material senses, then what to think of the King. Your movements which are inscrutable for even the sages are certainly incomprehensible for human beings. You are without possessions, indeed you are. Oh Lord for the one who is Lord of everything there is nothing beyond you. Even the enjoyers of tributes Like Lord Brahma pay tribute to you .The wealthy blinded by wealth cannot recognize you. But to the gods who enjoy the tributes you are the dearest. You are the ultimate goal of all human beings. Intelligent persons discard everything and they are worthy of your association. Not the ones absorbed in material gains. Great sages, who have renounced Sanyasi's staff, proclaim your glories. You are so gracious you give away yourself too.

I choose you as my husband rejecting Lord Brahma, Lord Siva and others. What interest I would have of other suitors. My Lord! Your words that you took refuse in the ocean are foolish. Driving away the kings with your bow, you took me away like lion among the animals. The best of Kings Anga, Vainya, Jayanta, Nashua abandoning sovereignty entered forest in search of you. Did they suffer frustration? Oh Lord, what woman would take shelter of any other man after taking shelter of your feet? I have chosen yourself as suitable as the master of all worlds who will fulfill my desires in this life and next .May your feet give shelter to me who has been wandering from one material situation to another. O Krishna let those kings become husbands of women who never came near you, who are praised in assemblies of Lord Brahma and Lord Siva. A woman, who fails to relish the fragrance of you or lotus feet, accepts as husband a material person not realizing the loss.

Oh Lord, may there be steady attraction of your Lotus feet. You take pleasure in yourself. Your glance is not much on me but when you assume a mode of passion your glance is enough. Oh Madhusudana, I do not consider your words wrong. Like Amba , quite often unmarried girls are attracted to a man. A woman who is married and is attracted to newer and newer lovers is unchaste. One who is intelligent should not maintain an unchaste woman as he would lose in this and the next world too!”

The Lord said,” O! Saintly lady! O princess you were fooled by me because we wanted to hear what you say. What you said is absolutely correct. What benedictions you hope for are yours. O sinless one! I have now perceived pure love towards one's husband, and adherence to vows of chastity. Though you were disturbed by my words, your mind could not be dragged away. Oh supreme Lady! Unfortunate are those who after obtaining me hanker after material gains.
Fortunately, O! Mistress of the house, you have always rendered devotional service which liberates one from material existence. In all my palaces I do not find another as loving as you. When you were to be married disregarding all, you sent a Brahman as a messenger with your confidential message. When your brother who had been defeated the disfigured and later killed unfortunately, you never said a word. Your silence has conquered me.

You sent the messenger to obtain me very confidentially, yet when I delayed you were thinking the world as empty and wanted to give up your body for none else. Let this greatness be yours always. I can only respond by rejoicing “

Thus the Lord of the Universe enjoyed with the Goddess of Brahmans, engaging her in talks imitating the ways of human society.






You sent the messenger to obtain me very confidentially, yet when I delayed you were thinking the world as empty and wanted to give up your body for none else. Let this greatness be you're always. I can only respond by rejoicing